Delivering better insights for managers with Resco Inspections’ Summer Update 2020

Resco Inspections’ Summer Update focuses on improving managerial experience, delivering insightful data, and helping managers schedule tasks more effectively. Let’s look at the features that make this possible: Continue reading

Voice Control: Talk to your Resco apps


What was once considered sci-fi is now becoming a standard feature.

All of us understand the convenience of simply telling Alexa or Siri to turn on the lights, start the air conditioning, or increase the volume when your favorite song comes up. But over the last couple of years, voice recognition and voice-controlled software has matured to become highly sought-after even across the enterprise sector – saving time, increasing productivity and enabling even greater mobility. Continue reading

What to expect from our Summer Update?

What to expect from our Summer Update?

Despite the weather getting really hot out here, we stay focused on delivering Mobile CRM releases in a timely manner. Next week (June 24th-28th), we are about to release our quarterly update, which widens capabilities of both, the app and Woodford . Let’s discuss the major qualitative improvements it brings. Continue reading