Summer Update 2019 preview: Creating fully branded apps in Woodford


There’s a reason why sports teams have their logos on all their gear – from caps to socks and everything in between. Apart from selling even more merchandise, it invokes the image and values that both players and fans should buy into.

For businesses it’s pretty much the same. Continue reading

Resco Mobile Apps: Enterprise functionality for consumers unburdens businesses


Recently, I’ve come across a post about the kinds of business apps that boost productivity when available on mobile devices. As I read through the list, I realized something: Continue reading

The diminishing distance between consumer and enterprise mobile apps


“The slate of apps this year brought the perfect mix of business utility and the clean interfaces that you see in the best consumer apps.” Those are the words of Carson Conant, the CEO of Mediafly who was also the chairman of the judging panel in this year’s Tabby Awards (which named Resco Mobile CRM the Best In-the-field Business App for iPad :).

And it got us thinking – are the diminishing differences between consumer and enterprise apps only a one way road? And if not, what are the consumer applications taking from the other side? Continue reading

Resco Mobile Apps – how to use sync filters to provide relevant content to your partners


Suppliers, contractors, vendors, partners – allies that help to advance your business

During the Middle Age you could send a messenger or a carrier pigeon to stay in touch with them.

In the 17th century postal services emerged as we know them today.

In 1876 telephone facilitated communication and collaboration went even further.

And at the twilight of the 20th century the Internet took it to an entirely new, instantaneous level.

Fast forward to 2015 and… “there’s an app for that.”

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A look under the hood – 7 elements to keep in mind when creating a consumer app integrated with Dynamics CRM


What does a Formula 1 car have in common with a mobile app?

Actually, more than it might seem at first sight. Both are products of leading engineering efforts. In both cases, their lightweight appearance is in stark contrast with the goings-on under the hood. And just like an F1 car, mobile app needs to be fast, yet reliable, to shine through among the ever-growing competition.

The dissection of the F1 car pictured above took almost two years to complete. Fortunately we don’t need that long to give you a peek under the hood of Resco Mobile Apps. So, what are the key elements you need to take into account when building an app for customers or partners integrated with your Dynamics CRM? Continue reading

Resco Mobile Apps – how to set up a mobile application for external non-CRM users

Why not to take advantage of your Dynamics CRM and Resco’s 16-year experience with mobility to create a unique app for your customers, partners, suppliers, fans, volunteers?

Resco Mobile Apps allow you to handpick the information you want to share from Dynamics CRM and transform the standard Resco Mobile CRM into a custom application for external non-CRM users. Whether you just want to spread the word about your business or give your allies a powerful tool, that will allow for even smoother collaboration.

To get you started, let’s go through the initial setup of the two types of external mobile projects available with Resco Mobile Apps. Continue reading

Resco Mobile Apps – all you wanted to know and were (not) afraid to ask

Resco Mobile Apps for Microsoft Dynamics CRM - external users
A while back we talked about why businesses should have a mobile app for consumers, partners or other external users. But why build an app from scratch when you can take advantage of your already established infrastructure?

Resco Mobile Apps let you combine your Dynamics CRM and Resco’s know-how to create a fully customized app for third-party users. In a fraction of usual development time and costs.

However, we know hearing only this raises also a few questions. We’ve collected those we often get from customers and partners when they hear about Resco Mobile Apps for the first time, so we can provide you with the answers. Put on your walking shoes, here we go: Continue reading