Why don’t Woodford notifications contain the name of the user?

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Resco Mobile CRM license assignment: Automatic vs. manual

I’d like to make sure we’re are all on the same page, so let’s quickly run over the basics:

In order to use a customized (professional version) of Resco Mobile CRM, you need to have a mobile license (a license for the professional version of Resco Mobile CRM).

A mobile license is not to be confused with a Microsoft Dynamics CRM license.

2 different things.

A user can log into Dynamics CRM via the mobile app using his/her existing credentials, however without a mobile license, he/she will only see the out-of-the-box version of the app, not the customized version of it.

How can you obtain mobile licenses?

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Why can’t you purchase Resco Mobile CRM with one-time payment?

If you examine the pricing of Resco Mobile CRM, you might notice the purchase option costs $299 and comes with a annual maintenance fee on top of that.

Resco Mobile CRM pricing structure

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