Attend our Mobile CRM Training in November

Resco organizes a series of trainings for all our customers and partners, who are interested in getting a deep overview of the Mobile CRM solution. After a successful training organized in Europe last year, we decided to organize a US based event too. The reason is obvious—number of our partners and customers from North America more than tripled over the last 8 months.


Join us in Boston, MA on November 13th at 1 Cambridge Center to get a comprehensive knowledge on Resco Mobile CRM. The 1-day event is divided into two tracks: sales and technical. The sales track provides detailed information about pricing and licensing, partnership conditions and licensing for customers, as well as a success case presentation. The latter is a dive into Resco Mobile CRM technology. Both tools, Mobile CRM Woodford will be described in detail with real life examples of customization and an intro and overview of Studio will be covered too.



The European 2-day event is held in Bratislava, Slovakia on November 19th-20th at Austria Trend Hotel Bratislava. Bratislava training follows the same pattern as the Boston’s but is divided into 2 days. The second day focuses on Studio, its architecture and examples of customization.



Mobile CRM for Windows 8 is out

Great news for all Windows 8 fans—our Mobile CRM App meeting the Metro UI guidelines was successfully published at Windows Store. Even though the Windows 8 version will be part of the new Collaboration Update scheduled for October 2nd, it is available for all Windows 8 users already now—more than 1 month before the official release of the new OS.

Resco Mobile CRM for Windows 8

Resco Mobile CRM for Windows 8

How to demo Mobile CRM for your MS Dynamics CRM prospects

A.K.A. set the demo environment in just 3 easy steps

Demonstrating the mobile capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is becoming a must and mobility one of the crucial requirements for customers. Let’s have a look how to set up a mobile CRM demo in just 3 easy steps:



Whether you use iPad, iPhone, Android, Android tablet, Windows Phone 7 or Windows tablet*, all you have to do, is go to the App Store, Play Market or Marketplace and search for “Resco Mobile CRM”.

The app is free, has no functional or time limitation.

Download Mobile CRM App for Windows tablet



Although the app comes with demo data and lots of features, such as dashboards, charts, maps, photo and signature capture, it is always better to show your real data. As Resco Mobile CRM does not require any server, middleware or server components, connecting the app with your CRM server is very easy.

Tap the sync button (little arrow) and fill in the info about your CRM server.



(for overachievers only)

If you really want to impress your audience, consider making a tailor-made demo. Download Woodford—easy to use configuration tool—to modify the app.

You can add custom or new entities, redesign dashboards, create new charts, define sync filters, create multiple views and much more. I guarantee your prospects will love it.

Social and Mobile Team Up in Resco Mobile CRM

Social buzz resonates almost everywhere. It clearly becomes an integral part of our private lives. What’s more, it is now part of our business lives too. SFDC’s Social Enterprise is a great example of implementing “enterprise social network” into corporate environment—generally known as ChatterMicrosoft Dynamics CRM entered the social doors in 2011 by releasing Activity Feeds —a “corporate Facebook”. While Chatter is available on the most important mobile platforms for quite some time, the Dynamics CRM’s Activity Feeds are only available for Windows Phones. Are you also thinking about…?

Activity Feeds

Yes, you’re right! We in Resco have decided to bring Activity Feeds to the Mobile CRM App—the natural and only choice of tens of thousands of customers using CRM out of their office. Today, we announce a new version of Resco Mobile CRM Collaboration Update, which is scheduled for October 2nd, 2012.

The new release will enable getting real time notifications and updates on opportunities, leads, accounts etc., sharing the essential information with colleagues and also many other features.
We believe the Collaboration Update will be a small revolution in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM eco-system. Or perhaps a little bigger.

Press Release

Microsoft Dynamics CRM plans to socialize, and a lot

Social—the term creates so much buzz, I often already feel resistant to all the news, tweets and posts pouring at me every day. But watching two rivals fighting hard to lead the pack is always great fun. SFDC and their social enterprise grabbed the pole position in social and it seems really difficult to overcome them. Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the “since Moses wore short pants” #1 rival of SFDC, made a first step into social in November 2011 by releasing the Activity Feeds—a “Facebook style” wall.


That is obviously not enough, and therefore Microsoft plans a lot more. The big social update shall come by the end of calendar year. CRMSoftware.TV just posted a video, in which Lauren Carlson talks to David Pennington, Director of Product Marketing for Dynamics CRM to find out more.

Social is hot for the Dynamics CRM and that means just one thing—it is hot for Resco too.

All Documentation at Your Finger Tips

Set up synchronization, create a new appointment, convert activity to case, qualify a lead and much more can be done with Resco Mobile CRM App. We try hard to integrate all new features and functionality in as intuitive way as possible. Yet sometimes it’s hard to discover the new features. Therefore, we are bringing refreshed documentation for the App together with detailed description of all features completed with screen shots and processes that will guide you through the mobile client.


A User Guide for Woodford—the configuration tool—was updated too. You can find there literally everything also completed with step-by-step instructions and screen shots.

Thus, you will never be lost anymore. Anytime you need to find out details about particular functionality, you can use one of the User Guides or contact our support.

Windows tablet—my primary tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Even though Windows tablets have currently around 2-3% market shareAMD expects Windows tablets will hold 20% market share by 2017. The projection is based on the new Windows 8 OS but let’s have a look how you can use a Windows tablet or even a PC to work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM now.

The only native application with online and offline capabilities in the market is Resco Mobile CRM App—it provides almost the same functionality you may find in other tablets: iPad, Android, while keeping very similar UI and design.

Resco Mobile CRM for Windows tablet

Resco Mobile CRM for Windows tablet

Resco Mobile CRM for Windows tablet

Resco Mobile CRM for Windows tablet

The app is great for demonstrations, as there is no need to connect a mobile device to your computer or data projector. What’s even more interesting, are a couple of cases of users who prefer to use the app on their PCs to the Internet Explorer with dozens of windows popping up. The app can be easily customized by Woodford, so it reflects the configuration of your CRM’s Workplace.

Download the app and try it yourself. It also works on a Windows PC and can be controlled by mouse, instead of the finger.

Sync your Mobile CRM App with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A month ago, we informed about how you can use a free version of Resco Mobile CRM App. We experienced so many new downloads across all major app stores that we are really flattered—THANK YOU.
Today, let me explain how you can connect the app with your actual CRM server and take your data anywhere you go whether connected, or not—it is very simple. All you have to do is tap the sync button when you launch the app.

Resco Mobile CRM on iPAD

Resco Mobile CRM on iPAD

Resco Mobile CRM on Android

Resco Mobile CRM on Android

Now just fill in the login details: URL of your Dynamics CRM server, User Name and Password. If you’re not sure what url to input, or you receive an error message, this synchronization guide should help you out.

Get the app and sync it with your own data now!

The D-Day is here—welcome HTML5 and JavaScript in Resco Mobile CRM

Today, Resco releases a new update for Resco Mobile CRM bringing a ground-breaking new technology including the HTML5 and JavaScript support. The new release adds significant value to both Resco partners and customers, and positions the solution a million miles ahead of the competition.


  • HTML5 Support
  • Sending Emails and auto tracking in the Dynamics CRM
  • Filtered Look-ups
  • Advanced Map and Navigation
  • Auto Sync
  • Switchable Views
  • Many more

Check all the new features or read a complete press release.








We at Resco are really excited about the new release and cannot wait to see how you utilize the new functionality, especially the HTML5. We believe it completely changes the way the Mobile CRM App can be customized and brings the technology that our competitors only talk about to real life.

We’d love to hear what you think, and show you what Resco Mobile CRM can do for your business.

GPS Tracking in Resco Mobile CRM

GPS tracking is a great tool to monitor field workers’ daily routes and activities they have done. Moreover, everything is done in the application’s background, so it doesn’t disturb users during their work. The Mobile CRM App stores all activities a mobile user realized together with respective GPS coordinates. So at the end of the day a manager has a perfect review of all activities and places visited by the field workers.

Resco Mobile CRM GPS tracking function

Resco Mobile CRM GPS tracking function

E.g. when a salesperson makes a call at point X, creates a new order at point Y and updates an opportunity at point Z, all these activities are tracked with GPS coordinates. The manager has a complete overview of the activities directly on the map represented by graphical pins with time stamps and links to respective activities. Thus, at the end of the day, the manager will have a complete graphical representation of the salesman’s route with all the activities they have done during the day. You can download the free app from here: