Diary of an Enthusiastic Windows Mobile Ex-User aka Turning over to Android II

Replacement for Windows Mobile device

So there comes the time I had to start looking for a replacement. As a Resco member, I’ve been working with the whole variety of available mobile systems. Nokia’s Symbian was probably a step aside, and i didn’t even think about it. iOS was removed from the list for its closed environment, the Windows Phone too, so only Android remained. i knew it is not very intuitive system, but offered at least as many possibilities as the beloved Windows Mobile.

So I started to play with SD Android distributions for HTC HD2 from XDA-Developers and i started to like it even more. I’ve also been playing with Honeycomb tablets but I realized that because of its size I will use it only at home and I wanted to have something to carry around all the time, but the resolution and screen size was wonderful. Android powered phones did not amaze me – not even qHD Motorola’s screens, because after living with 4,3 inch WVGA screen I was hoping for something I could use for comfort browsing etc., so the screen resolution was not enough for me.

And there it comes. Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy Note with 1280×720 (1280×800) screen resolution. Bingo…Nexus seemed to be perfect. 4,6 inch, a bit bigger than HD2. But wait, no SD slot. I know 16 GB is enough, but I wanted the SD slot. So good bye Nexus. The Note was at least the same interesting than Nexus. It is not running the Ice Cream Sandwich, but the upgrade was officially announced for the first quarter of 2012. It also has dual core processor (its full speed will be unleashed after the ICS upgrade) and has the SD slot. I was a bit scared of the size, but many satisfied user and checking the fact that it fits my hand was the point of deciding that I need to have one.

So there it came. Opening the box and the first start was wonderful. First words “It is really huge…” explains everything about the phone. The screen is the main reason for everybody that buys this phone.

Here are some of the pros so far:

  • It is really a fast phone (but wait for the ICS, that will be something).
  • Has a perfect display.
  • Size of the screen allows viewing web in full size without the need to zoom it.
  • Records and plays the full HD video out of the box.
  • Applications with HD support are showing up.
  • Touch pen’s resurrection is a nice feature – using the large display it is very handy for notes and other

And already some Cons:

  • Sometimes I found the size a bit too big – doesn’t fit anywhere in the car, so i had to order a first car holder in my life :)
  • Battery life – in my case of quite intensive use it can take at maximum one and a half working day, so I need to plug it to the charger every night

After having the phone for a week, I had to send it over to Samsung for repair. I found out, that the Bluetooth module is not working correctly with Bluetooth hands free. But the good news is, that they already replaced the module it and I am enjoying the Samsung Galaxy Note again. But what was more than surprising for me was realizing that the HTC HD2 seems like a baby phone for me now. I am trying to pull down the notification bar and in general after using the  Note for a week I got so familiar with the Android and the Note i couldn’t imagine in the wildest dreams.

In the next article I will take a close look at the usage and add some personal remarks as I will finally use it as a daily device for some longer time.