Google to acquire Motorola mobility

An early inventor in all large industries is usually followed by plenty of copy-cats who are trying to seize their share of the cake early on. This was the case in computer industry where plenty of hardware manufacturers from 1980’s don’t exist anymore. The market is controlled by only a couple of companies such as Apple, Lenovo, Asus, HP and Dell. Same situation happened in a car industry where literally hundreds of companies manufacturing cars were unable to keep up with couple of leaders who bought smaller companies and ultimately became superior to smaller competitors. Others couldn’t compete nor with the price nor with the quality of their products.

History repeats itself and same situation is happening in mobility industry. The market leaders seem to ensure their position by software-hardware partnerships and acquisitions. HP bought Palm, Microsoft announced partnership with Nokia and Google just acquired a mobility division of Motorola. HTC, Samsung and other hardware vendors have welcomed this acquisition but maybe it’s the slow beginning of their end.

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