Meet us at Convergence 2015 EMEA in Barcelona


Just as in 2014, also this year you will be able to meet Resco staff at Microsoft’s Convergence 2015 EMEA. So, if you’re also coming over, where, when and why should you look for our booth in Barcelona? Continue reading

How to use Resco CRM, part 4 — Email + CRM

10 benefits of Email blended in your CRM (Infographic)

how to use 4

One database is easier to manage than two or more systems.

Thinking about applying Resco CRM in your company? Sure, switching from one tool to another can be tricky. So how to get the benefits of CRM while using the tools you know and prefer? The answer is simple – Integration. One of such tools that can be easily integrated into your CRM system is most certainly email. Mainly because, the vast majority of your customer conversations happen via email.

How is your Email integrated to Resco CRM efficient and effective? Continue reading

Beware of the sunk cost fallacy when planning your IT investments

Avoid the Sunk Cost Fallacy when investing in IT

One of our customers described how they went about purchasing a mobile CRM application: they first opted for custom development. The project then took longer than expected, costed more than estimated and the result was poorer that desired. What did they do? They scrapped the whole project after just 6 months in the making and went ahead and bought another solution, which now works as they want it to work.

What surprised me about this is that Continue reading

The diminishing distance between consumer and enterprise mobile apps


“The slate of apps this year brought the perfect mix of business utility and the clean interfaces that you see in the best consumer apps.” Those are the words of Carson Conant, the CEO of Mediafly who was also the chairman of the judging panel in this year’s Tabby Awards (which named Resco Mobile CRM the Best In-the-field Business App for iPad :).

And it got us thinking – are the diminishing differences between consumer and enterprise apps only a one way road? And if not, what are the consumer applications taking from the other side? Continue reading

How to dynamically show/hide fields & sections in the Resco Mobile CRM application?

how to show or hide fields and sections in Resco Mobile CRM

Did you know that you can easily set your Resco Mobile CRM application to expand or hide individual fields or a whole section of fields? This handy little feature will help you achieve a clutter-free user interface, as the fields will appear only when needed. Continue reading

How to use Resco CRM, part 3 — get to know the web browser client

Blog_desktop PC

Most recently, we talked about how to apply Resco CRM in your company. We got a glance at its mobile client, but there is so much more to the whole software that makes it valuable.   

Now, it’s the time to get familiar with another part of the solution — the browser client. Continue reading

How to use Resco CRM alongside Microsoft Dynamics CRM, part 2

ms alongside resco

The biggest benefit for a user of Resco Mobile CRM is the direct integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

A while back we talked about how Resco CRM provides more options to get the best out of its integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Today, we will go through two possible use cases on how to deploy CRM systems within your company (and save on costs while doing so).
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