Resco CRM: Where are we now & where are we heading?

RescoCRMaccountviewIf you are reading this, you are probably familiar with our mobile application for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and its customizing tool Woodford.

Click here to learn the difference between Resco Mobile CRM and Resco CRM.

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Why can’t you purchase Resco Mobile CRM with one-time payment?

If you examine the pricing of Resco Mobile CRM, you might notice the purchase option costs $299 and comes with a annual maintenance fee on top of that.

Resco Mobile CRM pricing structure

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What software and hardware requirements do you need to consider before buying mobile devices for Resco Mobile CRM?

I want to use Resco with Dynamics CRM 2013 on mobile devices. Do we need to consider SW and HW requirements? If yes, can you tell me these requirements?”
(quote from an email we’ve received)

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Resco Mobile CRM shows ‘Unknown’ fields in the offline mode. How can I fix this?


 “I see fields as “Unknown” when in the offline mode. Why is this? And how can I correct this?”

Unknown means that the information is not available in the offline mode; i.e. records are not stored in the local database of the phone/tablet. Continue reading

Be careful what you delete; it might not come back

Resco Mobile CRM Woodford customizations (a.k.a. mobile projects) are stored as Note attachments to resco_mobileproject’s records on Dynamics CRM server (more on this here).

Therefore, be careful when doing a bulk delete of your Notes!

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Google Glass has fallen. Or has it?


You’ve probably seen the news about Google Glass being discontinued/suspended/taken off the shelves (figuratively speaking – they never really were on actual shelves).

How do we see the situation? After all, we’ve launched a CRM application for Google Glass this year: CRMGlass. Is this the end of our efforts? Continue reading