Let’s talk mobility at the CRMUG Summit 2015 in Reno | Oct 13-16

Resco is joining CRMUG Summit 2015 in Reno, Nevada as a platinum sponsor

We are excited to join CRMUG Summit again, now as a platinum sponsor, in Reno-Tahoe, Nevada.

Ivan Stano, Paul Selinger, Miro Pomsar & Maros Hajtas from Resco will be there to show MS Dynamics CRM users how to mobilize their employees as well as their stakeholders. Continue reading

Mobile is critical for sales reps’ success – Infinity Info Systems’ Michael Hammons reveals why


Resco Mobile CRM is used daily by hundreds of corporate customers across the globe. It helps the fire department of Norway’s capital to monitor safety measures at buildings and construction sites. The world’s most international brewer uses it to boost sales force efficiency. Leading Spanish insurance company empowers its agents with mobile CRM.

Our partners keep constantly dreaming up new ways of adding value to Dynamics CRM with Resco Mobile CRM. Infinity Info Systems’ Mike Hammons is a veteran of the high-tech industry, focusing on CRM technologies for over 17 years. He has worked on CRM implementation and strategy with numerous corporations, including Barclays Global Investors, Delta Airlines, Hewlett-Packard, Genzyme Corporation, NEC-Mitsubishi, Roche Diagnostics and many others. Continue reading

Sport your colors! Unveiling the branding possibilities of Resco Mobile Apps


Once decided on what you want your customers and partners to do with the mobile app you provide them, comes a time to think about the design. After all, how your app looks and feels to the user is – together with its usefulness – the deciding factor whether your audience will keep returning to the app continuously.

Woodford offers a wide selection of branding possibilities which let you tailor the application’s design to reflect your company’s visual identity. Continue reading

Who needs Audit in their mobile CRM system? We all do

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Statistics say that a huge percentage of information systems purchased by organizations are not used at all; or employees use only very small portion of the full functionality. It’s usually because the information systems are quite complex and require advanced training. Or simply because people don’t like to change their habits. And this could be an obvious case of mobile solutions as well. Continue reading

Resco Mobile Apps – how to use sync filters to provide relevant content to your partners


Suppliers, contractors, vendors, partners – allies that help to advance your business

During the Middle Age you could send a messenger or a carrier pigeon to stay in touch with them.

In the 17th century postal services emerged as we know them today.

In 1876 telephone facilitated communication and collaboration went even further.

And at the twilight of the 20th century the Internet took it to an entirely new, instantaneous level.

Fast forward to 2015 and… “there’s an app for that.”

Continue reading

See how Resco CRM rocks! at resco.next

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Believe it or not, resco.next is a pretty big thing for us.

As the matter of fact, the closer it comes, the bigger it appears. The idea behind the conference has always been simple. To learn about mobile CRM, connect within the community and discover new opportunities for growing business.

But then, it was none other than our customers and partners who made us think again. They made us realize that thanks to this “little big” gathering, they found out more about our own Resco CRM, that is a standalone CRM solution – unlike Resco Mobile CRM that was created especially for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Continue reading

Resco’s perspective on ‘Microsoft to Acquire FieldOne‘


The news about the FieldOne acquisition that resonated in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM industry popped up on the radar of many of you—our customers and partners.

Let me first congratulate FieldOne and Microsoft on behalf of the entire Resco team.

As many of you know, the mobile solution within the FieldOne Sky product is based on Resco Mobile CRM: the bulletproof offline capabilities, maps, GPS navigation, calendar/scheduling or multiplatform configuration tool to tweak the app to name just a few perks of Resco. No wonder the mobile customer service technology is mentioned as one of the top reasons behind the Microsoft – FieldOne deal, as reported by GeekWire, Fortune, InformationWeek and many others. Continue reading