Resco Mobile CRM: Synchronization (a technical deep dive) – Part 3/3

We have taken a look at the difference between online and offline mode in the first part of this technical deep dive. And I have explained how Resco Mobile CRM implements the offline mode in the second part. Now, we are going to inspect the synchronization. Continue reading

Resco Mobile CRM: How Resco implements the offline mode (a technical deep dive) – Part 2/3

I have described the difference between online and offline mode in Resco Mobile CRM client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM in my previous blog post.

As written in there, online mode resembles the work of a web browser, it’s getting data directly from server. Which makes data operations slow, costly and potentially risky.

Offline mode, on the other side, works with data stored in the local database. Hence the data loading/storing is fast and presents no problem at all.

So far, so good.

Online mode looks like a looser.

So why then do you find primarily online clients in the Dynamics CRM world?

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Resco Mobile CRM: Difference between online and offline mode (a technical deep dive) – Part 1/3

Resco MobileCRM is a mobile client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM server able to work in either online or offline mode.

Desktop CRM users will typically intuitively understand the online mode – they will expect similar experience as when sitting behind a remote terminal unit.

However, the offline mode is conceptually harder and one is not quite sure what to expect. Hopefully, you’ll get a better picture after reading the following lines. Continue reading

Convergence EMEA – Been there, done that, again delighted

Resc at Convergence EMEA 2014

What’s the best thing about Convergence from my point of view? It’s the questions.

I love the interaction with people. See their immediate reaction when showing them the app. Hear the first thoughts and questions that come to their mind.

See what excites people and what confuses them. Continue reading

Resco CRM

2014 is the year of big technology changes for Resco Mobile CRM. In addition to more than 50 improvements and new features, we introduced a brand new mobile user interface. Although it’s currently available for iOS and Windows desktop platforms only, we already received a huge, positive response. The Android and Windows RT versions will be released in a few weeks, so everybody who likes the new UI will be ready to switch soon. Resco Mobile CRM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM remains our main priority, but there’s one more interesting thing, which is going to be released this year.

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