Resco Mobile CRM shows ‘Unknown’ fields in the offline mode. How can I fix this?


 “I see fields as “Unknown” when in the offline mode. Why is this? And how can I correct this?”

Unknown means that the information is not available in the offline mode; i.e. records are not stored in the local database of the phone/tablet. Continue reading

Be careful what you delete; it might not come back

Resco Mobile CRM Woodford customizations (a.k.a. mobile projects) are stored as Note attachments to resco_mobileproject’s records on Dynamics CRM server (more on this here).

Therefore, be careful when doing a bulk delete of your Notes!

You might also delete your mobile projects. Continue reading

Google Glass has fallen. Or has it?


You’ve probably seen the news about Google Glass being discontinued/suspended/taken off the shelves (figuratively speaking – they never really were on actual shelves).

How do we see the situation? After all, we’ve launched a CRM application for Google Glass this year: CRMGlass. Is this the end of our efforts? Continue reading

The little-known secret of incremental synchronization: What to do, if your organization creates hundreds of records each day


Synchronization filters are usually the tools of choice to limit the amount of records pulled down to a mobile device during synchronization.

While they work perfectly during the full synchronization, there are some scenarios where they might not work as expected during incremental sync. Continue reading

Debugging Resco Mobile CRM application

I am sharing a very useful blog post by Mehmet Günen, a software developer specializing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. He gives clear instructions on how to debug Resco Mobile CRM application with Visual Studio.


Resco’s performance in 2014: It’s time for a recap

These are some of the milestones Resco passed in 2014:


15 years of existence – which basically means 15 years of experience in mobile app development business (since we did mobile apps from the beginning).

800 corporate customers – ranging from companies with 10 mobile users to 1000+, we value each and every one.

200,000 app downloads Continue reading

Wildly strange Christmas traditions in Slovakia

Whenever I try to explain Slovak Christmas traditions to my foreign friends, they seem baffled.

I can understand why.

Some of our traditions, the rituals we keep performing during Christmas, are a bit strange. To outsiders.

Yet, we keep holding onto them (even though many of us don’t know the meaning behind), because they are a part of our authentic Christmas experience.

Continue reading