7 advantages of providing a mobile CRM for your field service team


There’s a lot more to field service than just screwdrivers and spare components. But what should you focus on when selecting and configuring a mobile solution to truly simplify the handling of tasks and activities your field service staff deal with on a daily basis?

Resco Mobile CRM is currently used by field engineers at Bridgestone, property inspectors at Enterprise Inns, mechanics and trucking supervisors at Blueknight Energy Partners, and fire prevention inspectors of Norway’s capital, Oslo. Drawing on our experience with these and numerous other organizations that use Resco for field service, here’s our 7 tips on what to keep in mind when enhancing field service processes through mobility. Continue reading

Troubleshooting Mobile CRM – how to get in a fast lane to a solution


Some might claim that with them it’s always a smooth sailing. But we know that in real life you sometimes need to ride the waves. And when an issue occurs it is best to face it directly.

No one knows it better than our support manager Lukas Lesko. At resco.next in Boston, he will be talking about how to troubleshoot and optimize your mobile CRM to deliver exceptional user experience. So we asked him – where to start when seeking a fix to an unexpected issue with a mobile CRM project? Continue reading

Trade your stories, not only business cards at resco.next


In recent years, there’s been an endless surge of content trying to break down the art of communication to the core. Yet, only a few days ago I’ve stumbled upon an article that, I think, finally hits the nail on the head.

Turns out you don’t need to know 5 things, master 7 steps or uncover 20 nuggets of wisdom to network effectively. But how do we talk to strangers, yet bypass unnecessary small talk? Continue reading

Top 10 observations from CRM software users

Untitled Banner (2)

I bet you all look up to some people.

They pump you up for the daily inspiration and motivation. I guess, then we have one thing in common. At Resco.net, we live by the words of those that see Customer Relationship Management as one of the driving motors for businesses. Continue reading

The list of top 10 free mobile apps (those we actually love to use)

Top 10 free apps recommendations How many apps do you have on our phone?

Well, if you ask me, I have way too many. And so do my colleagues.

Crunching the numbers in our company, the average is 65 apps per phone. (Bear in mind, that’s the average number. A few of my colleagues with 30 to 50 apps dragged the number down. Some numbers went as high as 140 apps!)

Of these apps, 42 are not used at all. That’s almost 65%.

That’s why it’s high time to get some spring cleaning done (I know it’s winter) and


Here are some of the things we’d like to recommend you check out. Continue reading

Favorites (if you like it, put a pin on it)

If you frequently access certain records, pin them to your Favorites – a special section in the Resco Mobile CRM app that lets you make a collection of records from various entities.

This cuts down on unnecessary clicks.

And time. Continue reading