Microsoft Dynamics CRM set to reap the benefits of LinkedIn acquisition?


Picture walking into a meeting, with all the latest information about the attendees your digital assistant provided you with moments earlier. That’s the vision presented by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella for bringing the world’s largest professional social network’s database to Dynamics, Office 365 and Cortana, after the Redmond-based software giant announced the acquisition of LinkedIn for $26 billion last month.

With a user base of 434 million professionals, LinkedIn’s assets can be especially valuable in advancing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Continue reading

Ready for what’s to come? MS Dynamics CRM Spring Wave 2016 update


From enlisting information about the latest update to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 to their Microsoft Social Engagement 2016 update, it’s no wonder MS Dynamics CRM is heading up in the ranks of the most role-based, contextual solution providing superior business user productivity. Continue reading

Microsoft Dynamics CRM plans to socialize, and a lot

Social—the term creates so much buzz, I often already feel resistant to all the news, tweets and posts pouring at me every day. But watching two rivals fighting hard to lead the pack is always great fun. SFDC and their social enterprise grabbed the pole position in social and it seems really difficult to overcome them. Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the “since Moses wore short pants” #1 rival of SFDC, made a first step into social in November 2011 by releasing the Activity Feeds—a “Facebook style” wall.


That is obviously not enough, and therefore Microsoft plans a lot more. The big social update shall come by the end of calendar year. CRMSoftware.TV just posted a video, in which Lauren Carlson talks to David Pennington, Director of Product Marketing for Dynamics CRM to find out more.

Social is hot for the Dynamics CRM and that means just one thing—it is hot for Resco too.