Resco CRM and Resco Mobile CRM are not the same

Discover the use case scenarios for Resco CRM

Resco CRM vs Resco Mobile CRM

After looking at this picture…

Do you feel like you have been missing out on something?

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Resco’s Observations from the Gartner Customer 360 Summit


The Customer 360 Summit by Gartner was held in the sunny San Diego, CA earlier in September 2015. As the 360 Summit is Gartner’s premiere event focusing on the customer: from engagement to experience, technologies and applications all across the CRM systems, Resco couldn’t miss it.

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What to expect from our Summer Update?

What to expect from our Summer Update?

Despite the weather getting really hot out here, we stay focused on delivering Mobile CRM releases in a timely manner. Next week (June 24th-28th), we are about to release our quarterly update, which widens capabilities of both, the app and Woodford . Let’s discuss the major qualitative improvements it brings. Continue reading

$300 per user – Is it really worth it?

Maybe you are asking yourself the same question. Is it really worth paying $300 for a mobile application when vast majority of the apps available on the App stores are either free or they cost just $1? Let’s discuss this. Continue reading

HTML5 Extensions in Resco Mobile CRM and Woodford 6.2 – A Proof of Concept

As a true Resco enthusiast, I was excited when they released the spring upgrade for their Mobile CRM in early April. The new HTML5 Extension feature accessible through its standard design and configuration tool Woodford challenged me in particular. I could hardly wait to get back to work from my Easter vacation and start doing a proof of concept of this new functionality. Continue reading