How to use Resco CRM alongside Microsoft Dynamics CRM


We created Resco Mobile CRM as a mobile client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. But did you know that we have also developed our own CRM solution? Resco Mobile CRM as you know it has now its own server and together with the application, it is called Resco CRM. Continue reading

Resco CRM and Resco Mobile CRM are not the same

Discover the use case scenarios for Resco CRM

Resco CRM vs Resco Mobile CRM

After looking at this picture…

Do you feel like you have been missing out on something?

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Resco’s Observations from the Gartner Customer 360 Summit


The Customer 360 Summit by Gartner was held in the sunny San Diego, CA earlier in September 2015. As the 360 Summit is Gartner’s premiere event focusing on the customer: from engagement to experience, technologies and applications all across the CRM systems, Resco couldn’t miss it.

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Step up your inspection game

Paperless Inspections with Resco Mobile CRM

A very common usage scenario for mobile CRM is mobile field inspections.

No wonder. Most inspectors spent the majority of their time out in the field, doing what they are paid to do: inspect things. So a mobile application is an ideal solution for them—it gets rid of papers once and for all. Continue reading

Delving into the Benefits of Resco CRM

Lesson 2: Why and how should you use Reports?

You should use reports. Reports turn data into information. Thanks to them, you get the information you need, when you need it.

Account details, Business cards, Deal modifications, Invoices.

Those are the reports you can actually bump into in your Resco CRM system. Now, to avoid any uncertainties in the very beginning, the reports we are concerned with in  CRM are usually the ones you generate online in order to simplify your business transactions, keep track of CRM deals, any sales activity or particular partners and customers.

Experts say, one of the reasons the company needs a CRM system is the ability to create custom reports to better track your metrics. Once you create it, you can use it forever and never look back. Reports in CRM enable you to analyze your business data and create insightful and well-structured Invoice or Sales reports. This can mean a lot in the future decision making.

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Resco’s Sweet Sixteen (Moments to remember)

Resco is celebrating 16 years of existence

Remember when you were 16?

Yeah, sweet sixteen, how could we forget. But what I recall the most is the feel of freedom and independence that I had…

Don’t worry, this isn’t a story about me and my MTV-like Sweet Sixteen Party. But guess, who else is 16 this month? Bingo, the following lines will be all celebrating Resco.

The freedom, the independence – some of the few things that are sweet about that age. This is exactly what happened to Resco… We are now 16, we are free, we are strong, powerful and happy about the way things worked out.

You may think, it is not that much, but do you know what 16 years in terms of mobility or CRM mean? Well, more than a lot. Continue reading

Boston essentials – what to do, see and eat outside of


Did you know that the Boston University Bridge is the only place on the planet where a boat can sail under a train going under a car that is driving under a plane? But this feat of engineering is just one of the numerous fascinating sights Boston has to offer.

On September 14-15 you can explore the mobile CRM landscape in Boston at the US edition of the conference. And with the rich history, culture, sports scene and an array of dining and shopping possibilities, you might want to extend your trip to explore also the beauty of the New England metropolis. Continue reading