Support Stories: How we saved the memories with Resco Audio Recorder

Quoting my colleague Ivan Stano: „978 and one new tech advancements we have seen over the last 10 years.“

We have seen tech transformations. Of phones, mobile OSs and yet, also Resco apps and products. But do you remember what was before 2010? It seems like ancient history, but some things or some revolutionary Resco apps will never be forgotten.

Resco Keyboard Pro. Resco Explorer. Resco Defender. Resco Bubbles. And finally… Continue reading

Resco behind the scenes – “Out-of-office insights”


Once, we invited you to our colorful office. Do you remember?
Today, we’d like to show you who Resco is outside the office doors. Continue reading

Resco behind the scenes – Office insights


You’ve most certainly heard the saying the way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers, and that people flourish when they are praised.

It’s a natural cycle of ‘worklife‘. In fact, it’s proven that if you treat your employees with respect, it can be their biggest motivation to bring in extraordinary results. Continue reading

Resco’s Sweet Sixteen (Moments to remember)

Resco is celebrating 16 years of existence

Remember when you were 16?

Yeah, sweet sixteen, how could we forget. But what I recall the most is the feel of freedom and independence that I had…

Don’t worry, this isn’t a story about me and my MTV-like Sweet Sixteen Party. But guess, who else is 16 this month? Bingo, the following lines will be all celebrating Resco.

The freedom, the independence – some of the few things that are sweet about that age. This is exactly what happened to Resco… We are now 16, we are free, we are strong, powerful and happy about the way things worked out.

You may think, it is not that much, but do you know what 16 years in terms of mobility or CRM mean? Well, more than a lot. Continue reading

Resco’s performance in 2014: It’s time for a recap

These are some of the milestones Resco passed in 2014:


15 years of existence – which basically means 15 years of experience in mobile app development business (since we did mobile apps from the beginning).

800 corporate customers – ranging from companies with 10 mobile users to 1000+, we value each and every one.

200,000 app downloads Continue reading