7 best enhancements coming to Salesforce field users with Resco’s Winter Update ‘18

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The air is getting colder and the countdown for the Holidays begins. That must mean one thing, Resco’s Winter Update is around the corner.

In case, you missed a full overview of the Winter Release of Resco’s Mobile Business Apps Platform, Continue reading

See how your business moves: Mobile Audit Analytics arrive in Summer Release of Mobile CRM


If you trust your employees you shouldn’t be tracking their activities – that’s a common argument coming up in many meeting rooms when words like “audit” or “analytics” start to get thrown around too often.

However, auditing (or analytics) is not about the lack of trust. Continue reading

Ready for what’s to come? MS Dynamics CRM Spring Wave 2016 update


From enlisting information about the latest update to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 to their Microsoft Social Engagement 2016 update, it’s no wonder MS Dynamics CRM is heading up in the ranks of the most role-based, contextual solution providing superior business user productivity. Continue reading

Join our test drivers’ club – an elite group of people, who want to get their hands on the new version of Resco Mobile CRM before it’s released


We are officially opening our test driver club.

First rule of the test driver club is: You do not talk about the club (can this reference ever get old? – I doubt it).

What is Resco test driver club?

Resco test driver club is a group of Resco Mobile CRM customers and partners, who express their interest in testing the new version of the application before it goes live. Continue reading

The Big 2013 Retrospective Part 1 – New Features

The end of 2013 is slowly but surely approaching. It’s the perfect time to look back at what has changed over the past year.

This first part of Resco MobileCRM 2013 Retrospective focuses on new features that made their way into the solution. I think you would agree, when I say that the sheer number of them Continue reading

The Winter Update of Resco Mobile CRM is out. So what’s in it for you?

As usual, we are bringing you couple of new, chic features. Find the one (or more) you can put to good use.

Grouping of objects

What is it? Entities in Home Form can be grouped into different folders.
You can, for example, create a folder for records and views you use most often; managers can create separate folders for different types of employees, and so on. Continue reading