Resco Mobile Apps – how to use sync filters to provide relevant content to your partners


Suppliers, contractors, vendors, partners – allies that help to advance your business

During the Middle Age you could send a messenger or a carrier pigeon to stay in touch with them.

In the 17th century postal services emerged as we know them today.

In 1876 telephone facilitated communication and collaboration went even further.

And at the twilight of the 20th century the Internet took it to an entirely new, instantaneous level.

Fast forward to 2015 and… “there’s an app for that.”

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A look under the hood – 7 elements to keep in mind when creating a consumer app integrated with Dynamics CRM


What does a Formula 1 car have in common with a mobile app?

Actually, more than it might seem at first sight. Both are products of leading engineering efforts. In both cases, their lightweight appearance is in stark contrast with the goings-on under the hood. And just like an F1 car, mobile app needs to be fast, yet reliable, to shine through among the ever-growing competition.

The dissection of the F1 car pictured above took almost two years to complete. Fortunately we don’t need that long to give you a peek under the hood of Resco Mobile Apps. So, what are the key elements you need to take into account when building an app for customers or partners integrated with your Dynamics CRM? Continue reading