Quick tip: How to send a log from the Resco Mobile CRM app and Woodford


To fast-track solving any unexpected issue, relevant information is essential. For our support team, it usually comes from a log file that you can send from both the Resco Mobile CRM app and the Woodford configurator.

But why send a log? Isn’t the error message enough? Well, log contains much more information than an error message. Continue reading

Troubleshooting Mobile CRM – how to get in a fast lane to a solution


Some might claim that with them it’s always a smooth sailing. But we know that in real life you sometimes need to ride the waves. And when an issue occurs it is best to face it directly.

No one knows it better than our support manager Lukas Lesko. At resco.next in Boston, he will be talking about how to troubleshoot and optimize your mobile CRM to deliver exceptional user experience. So we asked him – where to start when seeking a fix to an unexpected issue with a mobile CRM project? Continue reading