Expanded networking opportunities coming to resco.next 2018


Who says a conference can’t be fun?

If you know Resco then you know we love to talk to our partners, customers, and prospects. That’s why each year we aim to make the resco.next conference more of a conversation rather than a monologue. The goal is to share knowledge, exchange experience and build mutually beneficial relationships.

Another thing we love, is to have fun. So to get the ball rolling, we prepared numerous networking opportunities for resco.next attendees and speakers in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. Combining fun with the insightful knowledge-sharing, here’s our blend of networking activities that awaits you on November 15 – 16 in Prague. Continue reading

6 Reasons to Attend resco.next, the Mobile and Field Service Event of the Year


Just three short years ago, we organized Resco’s first ever multi-day event in the U.S.A. It was in the center of American history, the city of Boston. Time is of the essence, and in 2018 we are making a new mark. A new resco.next event. Continue reading

Calling all Partners & Customers: The early-bird tickets to resco.next 2018 now available

We’re coming up on our 3rd annual resco.next conference in the USA – the one-of-a-kind event for mobile CRM leaders, users and enthusiasts.

At resco.next we gather our entire vivid community of customers and partners. Regulars would refer to it as a reunion with their folks and a great deal of new updates about Resco’s solutions. For newcomers, it is the opportunity to learn more about the newest technologies & meet Resco product experts. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s resco.next in a nutshell – educational and friendly gathering that now opens its registration with the early bird ticket!  Continue reading

10 reasons to attend resco.next for the first time

If you are reading this blog, you may have heard of Resco Mobile CRM. In fact, you might be Resco’s long-time trusted partner and a professional user. But, have you heard of resco.next – the one-of-a-kind event for mobile CRM leaders, users, and enthusiasts? Continue reading

Feast your mind at resco.next in Boston

Though I’m no Jamie Oliver, even I know that top-notch ingredients are the key to a delicious meal. And I guess one could think of the resco.next conference as a market with the freshest ingredients which will turn into every CRM enthusiast’s food for thought.

The growing list of educational sessions offers a rich mix of learning and networking opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere. And these three new additions are guaranteed to spice up your conference experience on September 14-15 in Boston. Continue reading

Trade your stories, not only business cards at resco.next


In recent years, there’s been an endless surge of content trying to break down the art of communication to the core. Yet, only a few days ago I’ve stumbled upon an article that, I think, finally hits the nail on the head.

Turns out you don’t need to know 5 things, master 7 steps or uncover 20 nuggets of wisdom to network effectively. But how do we talk to strangers, yet bypass unnecessary small talk? Continue reading