How Resco handles Salesforce Record Types for you – including multiple layout support

salesforce mobile

The Resco Mobile app gives a whole new perspective to Salesforce mobility. Especially when it comes to offline experience. Salesforce mobile users can now productively manage daily business operations – regardless of connectivity.

A newly added support for Salesforce record types in Resco Mobile CRM is yet another functionality to fortify productivity in the field. As most of the features, it works seamlessly in both offline and online mode with very little configuration.

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Resco Mobile CRM license assignment: Automatic vs. manual

I’d like to make sure we’re are all on the same page, so let’s quickly run over the basics:

In order to use a customized (professional version) of Resco Mobile CRM, you need to have a mobile license (a license for the professional version of Resco Mobile CRM).

A mobile license is not to be confused with a Microsoft Dynamics CRM license.

2 different things.

A user can log into Dynamics CRM via the mobile app using his/her existing credentials, however without a mobile license, he/she will only see the out-of-the-box version of the app, not the customized version of it.

How can you obtain mobile licenses?

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