Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobile client – Android 4.4 not supported?

Yes, it’s true. Microsoft’s mobile client for Dynamics CRM (a.k.a. MoCA) does not support Android 4.4. Which leaves a couple of people disappointed. If you are one of them, I’ve got a simple solution for you:

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Display CRM appointments on a map

It’s the classic story: A map meets an entity, the entity has GPS coordinates, the map displays its records.

But what happens, when the entity does not have GPS coordinates? For example appointments.

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Next generation of Resco Mobile CRM: Mobile CRM as we know it is bound to change

It has been five years since we released our first version of Resco Mobile CRM application. And although we’ve improved it extremely since then, the basic concept remained the same.

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Change the design of Resco Mobile CRM app: Introducing Color Themes

What are color themes you ask? Just the greatest thing since sliced bread!

OK, that was a bit of an overstatement (and cheesy), but that does not change the fact that color themes are a really cool new feature of Resco Mobile CRM – the mobile client for Dynamics CRM.

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Microsoft’s Mobile Client for Dynamics CRM 2013 vs. Resco Mobile CRM : A Side-by-Side Comparison

For an updated version, please see the: New, updated comparison of Microsoft’s mobile app vs. Resco Mobile CRM

We have already posted another comparison of Resco Mobile CRM and Microsoft’s MoCa, where we discussed the main differences between both solutions. This time, we are going to go more into detail and evaluate specific functions.

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