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Resco Mobile CRM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM free trial inquiry

Every now and then we get the question: “Is it possible to get a trial of Resco Mobile CRM so we can test it out?”

Our answer: “Absolutely!”

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Can I copy a phone contact into CRM? Yup, with Resco Mobile CRM you can.

You’ve got some contacts in your phone address book that are business related, right?

And oftentimes you mistakenly think they are also on your Microsoft Dynamics CRM server. But then you find yourself looking for a contact as you create an activity or draft an email and… it’s not there.

The harsh reality hits you.

You’ve got to copy/paste it into CRM to proceed further.

This takes time and, let’s be honest, it’s one of those annoying little administrative tasks you’re just not that into.

This is why I think that one of the most exciting things in the upcoming Resco Mobile CRM update is definitely going to be, drum rolls please, phone contacts import

What does it do?

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Get more done with Resco Mobile CRM and Dropbox

If you’re using Dropbox file hosting service for storing docs, photos, videos and other files, you can associate them with your CRM records and access them offline directly in the Resco Mobile CRM app.

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Come and explore the technical aspects of Mobile CRM at 2015

One of the tracks (June 8-9, 2015 in Vienna) will be dedicated to Mobile CRM from the technical point of view. I’m bringing you a closer look at some of the technical sessions to explore what’s in it for you. 2015 Vienna

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How can the Resco Mobile CRM app connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Here are some ways of connecting with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server.

These options work for versions 4.0, 2011, 2013 and 2015.

Different ways of connecting to your organization

The minimal requirement for synchronizing the app with the Dynamics CRM server is the Dynamics CRM web services and the authentication services availability.

You can opt for IFD with Claim-Based Authentication or, in case when the Dynamics CRM server and the Active Directory Federation Services cannot be exposed to the Internet, you can use VPN or Direct Access connection. Continue reading

Show info from parent on a child form: E.g. see the relationship type of the Account whenever you open up a Contact

Show info from parent on a child form in Resco Mobile CRM

This example represents a situation, in which you want to display values from parent entity on a child form.

How can this be useful?

Your sales people want to see, let’s say the relationship type of an Account on a Contact form. To see if the person they are talking to is already a customer or still a prospect.

Or they want to see the City of the parent Account whenever they open an Opportunity – to find out if they can pay the prospect a visit while they’re in town.

Ultimately, you’re going to save yourself clicks and avoid confusions by having it all in one place. Continue reading

How on earth do we make Resco Mobile CRM so robust?

Mobile ecosystem is extremely heterogeneous – there are 3 major operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows) and hundreds of various device models. To make things even more complicated, you’ve got devices divided into phones, tablets and laptops.

In such difficult environment, it is very important for a mobile software developer to have a system where the mobile app is tested in as many scenarios and on as many device models as possible. Continue reading

10 reasons to attend the upcoming Mobile CRM Conference:

Each year we conduct several smaller trainings throughout Europe and US to share the knowledge of our mobile CRM experts (Resco’s senior developers) and teach you the newest functionalities of Resco Mobile CRM – the feature-rich customizable mobile CRM solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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7 great uses for Resco Mobile Apps: Dynamics CRM mobile applications for external non-CRM users

Resco Mobile Apps - Dynamics CRM applications for external non-CRM users

A Dynamics CRM application doesn’t have to be for employees only. You can create one for external non-CRM users.

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Take a look into the future: What’s Resco Mobile CRM long-term vision?

Take a look into the future: What’s Resco Mobile CRM long-term vision?

Resco Mobile CRM has been on the market for almost 6 years now.

In the world of mobile, this is a really significant amount of time. To put it into perspective: Resco Mobile CRM is almost the same age as the first iPhone or Android phones. And it’s older than iPad and other tablets! Continue reading