15 must-have productivity tools when using Salesforce in the field

Mastering the right “on-the-go” sales tool is ultimately the best weapon for making sales reps 10x more productive and sales managers 10x smarter – continue on reading to learn why. If you want to make sure your outside sales hit the ground running, you need more than a marvellous team. You need maximum productivity, and that can only be achieved with the right mixture of must-have apps.

As robust and powerful as Salesforce is, there are some things it can’t do right out-of-the-box. However, to fill this gap, there is – AppExchange, gathering and providing a range of 3rd party apps for Salesforce. Continue reading

How to use Resco CRM, part 4 — Email + CRM

10 benefits of Email blended in your CRM (Infographic)

how to use 4

One database is easier to manage than two or more systems.

Thinking about applying Resco CRM in your company? Sure, switching from one tool to another can be tricky. So how to get the benefits of CRM while using the tools you know and prefer? The answer is simple – Integration. One of such tools that can be easily integrated into your CRM system is most certainly email. Mainly because, the vast majority of your customer conversations happen via email.

How is your Email integrated to Resco CRM efficient and effective? Continue reading

How to use Resco CRM, part 3 — get to know the web browser client

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Most recently, we talked about how to apply Resco CRM in your company. We got a glance at its mobile client, but there is so much more to the whole software that makes it valuable.   

Now, it’s the time to get familiar with another part of the solution — the browser client. Continue reading

E-mail + CRM = Resco CRM

Writing e-mails

Writing and receiving emails is one of the most common business activities we all do every day. It’s even more evident for CRM users, such as sales reps whose main job is to communicate. It would be great if such users had one tool that would allow them to work with CRM data and at the same time it would provide a fully functional email client. Continue reading