Is Resco Mobile CRM compatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015?

Resco Mobile CRM compatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

Yes, indeed. Resco Mobile CRM has been compatible with the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, titled 2015, for quite some time now. Since the very beginning actually. Continue reading

8 not-to-miss events for CRM professionals

CRM conferences and events for Q2 2015

Once you start sailing in the waters of CRM, you realize it is not exactly a smooth one way journey. You are often forced to take several turns or take a step back. Sometimes you may end up stuck in the “harbor” for a while.

But guess what? That is all fine. As long as you don’t just sit there and wait for a random sailor to save you. You are the one to take an initiative. Go ahead and talk to people. Ask for help, seek for advice.

Even the biggest players – the most experienced & bravest fish face imperfections. The CRM industry is one massive universe with its highs and lows, but it is also a great place to grow and learn.

Events, summits, conferences.

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Microsoft’s mobile client for Dynamics CRM 2016 vs. Resco Mobile CRM (Update)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 mobile client versus Resco Mobile CRM


Last updated in April 2016.

We’ve published two other comparison articles in the past. If you want to see how the two applications (Resco Mobile CRM & Microsoft’s MoCa) progressed in time, take a look at:


What has changed?

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