Resco’s unfair advantage over Microsoft: The ultimate reason that makes me believe people are better off with us

Deciding who to purchase mobile client for Dynamics CRM from? Certainly going directly with Microsoft instead of an independent vendor is better, right?


Story #1

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Spring update of Resco Mobile CRM for Dynamics CRM is released. What’s new?

Spring (update) is here! These are some of the new additions that are now available to you.

Let’s take a moment to go through them.

Business process flows

What is it? Business process flows are one of the major additions in Dynamics CRM 2013. It is sort of a guideline that Continue reading

Microsoft’s Mobile Client for Dynamics CRM 2013 vs. Resco Mobile CRM : A Side-by-Side Comparison

For an updated version, please see the: New, updated comparison of Microsoft’s mobile app vs. Resco Mobile CRM

We have already posted another comparison of Resco Mobile CRM and Microsoft’s MoCa, where we discussed the main differences between both solutions. This time, we are going to go more into detail and evaluate specific functions.

You know what they say; the devil is in Continue reading