Introducing Sync Dashboard: Monitor synchronization details of your users & devices

How to integrate mobility into a well-run company without interfering with its existing operations?

We believe that providing tools that cover the whole lifecycle of a mobile solution simplifies the implementation, user adoption & engagement with business apps. The right set of mobile app development tools  enables anyone to build apps, and beyond.

With Resco platform’s tools, you are able to: Continue reading

Create personal dashboards directly from within the Resco Mobile CRM app


The Dashboard is one of the very first things users lay their eyes on when they open the Resco Mobile CRM app. And system admins usually configure customized Mobile CRM dashboards for various user roles using Woodford.

However, since each and every user is different, we recently also added the possibility to build your own personal dashboards right within the application. Continue reading

How to personalize the dashboard in the mobile CRM client for Dynamics CRM

Mobile dashboards: simply explained

A mobile dashboard, just like a dashboard in Dynamics CRM, acts as some sort of a homepage for your CRM – it’s the first thing that pops up when you open the app and its goal is to show you things that matter to you packed neatly into one place.

By default, a Resco Mobile CRM dashboard shows 3 charts: orders, opportunities and cases. Not exactly a perfect fit for everyone. Continue reading