Top 5 development trends (not only) for apps integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Top 5 development trends for mobile apps

From the birth of the Apple app store with 800 apps in 2008 to approximately 4 million apps in five major app stores in 2015, mobile application development has become an industry unto itself.

It is an ever-changing landscape. But applications don’t need to adapt merely to new OS versions. Continue reading

Major pitfalls of custom app development for Dynamics CRM

So, you’re thinking about developing your own Dynamics CRM application? Let me stop you right there! Starting from scratch brings many difficulties for which you might or might not find an effective solution to.

I don’t want to be the bad guy here, but I’ll just say it flat out: Developing your own CRM app is not the best idea.

Okay, it might seem a tad bit biased coming from someone Continue reading