Photo gallery – Close encounters of the mobile CRM kind at


“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away”

Even though is over, you can get a peek at how it went in the US.

We hope that the pictures below convey at least a fraction of the positive vibes we experienced during this two-day gathering of the mobile CRM community. Continue reading

Feast your mind at in Boston

Though I’m no Jamie Oliver, even I know that top-notch ingredients are the key to a delicious meal. And I guess one could think of the conference as a market with the freshest ingredients which will turn into every CRM enthusiast’s food for thought.

The growing list of educational sessions offers a rich mix of learning and networking opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere. And these three new additions are guaranteed to spice up your conference experience on September 14-15 in Boston. Continue reading

Boston essentials – what to do, see and eat outside of


Did you know that the Boston University Bridge is the only place on the planet where a boat can sail under a train going under a car that is driving under a plane? But this feat of engineering is just one of the numerous fascinating sights Boston has to offer.

On September 14-15 you can explore the mobile CRM landscape in Boston at the US edition of the conference. And with the rich history, culture, sports scene and an array of dining and shopping possibilities, you might want to extend your trip to explore also the beauty of the New England metropolis. Continue reading

Top 5 things to experience at in Boston

blog-next-03 has brought together the mobile CRM community in Vienna this June. But just as the rumble starts to settle down, we’re already working hard to make sure we bring the mobile CRM conference across the Atlantic with even more to offer.

The US edition of will take place on September 14-15 in Boston, Massachusetts. In case you’ve still not decided on attending, below we list the top 5 experiences not to be missed during this two-day event. Continue reading

Suggest a session topic for 2015 in Boston


We’re looking for topic ideas on any aspect of Resco Mobile CRM, Resco CRM or mobility in general, be it technical or business related of all skill levels, that you would like to learn in-depth during conference. It’s your gateway to all the CRM insights that will move your business forward! Continue reading