$300 per user – Is it really worth it?

Maybe you are asking yourself the same question. Is it really worth paying $300 for a mobile application when vast majority of the apps available on the App stores are either free or they cost just $1? Let’s discuss this. Continue reading

Microsoft is going to nail mobile Dynamics CRM!

These are the rumors that I just got from some sources. I immediately said to myself: “Here we go again”. In February 2012 Microsoft announced that they will deliver Dynamics CRM on virtually ANY mobile device in Q2 2012. These plans didn’t work out and Microsoft delayed the mobile support from Q2 2012 to Q4 2012. Unfortunately this again didn’t work out. Now Q2 2013 is approaching and Microsoft is back again with its new plans to nail the mobile Dynamics CRM.
The new mobile client should have offline capability but not in next release, probably in some day in the future. It should have support for custom entities but again probably in some day in the future. It should have support for business logic – you can guess it already – in some day in the future. And it will support only Continue reading

Email tracking with Mobile CRM

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management”. Believe it or not, one of the most crucial things that helps maintaining the real relationships with customers are emails. The better and faster you can react to your customers via email, the more satisfied they will be with your services.
Dynamics CRM not only lets you send emails, but it also lets you view emails sent by your colleagues, so you can better prepare for your situation.

From the feedback of our customers we see that tracking and sending emails is crucially important also for mobile CRM users that are in the field, doing the sales or field service. This feature was missing in our solution and many of our customer demanded it. With the latest update of Resco Mobile CRM, the emails sent from your iPads, iPhones, Androids and all other mobile devices are also tracked in Dynamics CRM server so everybody can access them. We hope you enjoy this feature.
Try it now!
We are constantly working on improving the Mobile CRM for you. The next release which is coming out on October 2 will bring 2 truly revolutionary features. You can expect also another major update until the end of this year. More info will come soon.

The best Mobile CRM configurator!

In July 13, 2011, we have released Mobile CRM Woodford which was initially intended to help small and mid-sized companies with customizations. More than 1 year has passed since then and Woodford had claimed its position.

The majority of our new customers are using Woodford for the customizations instead of the CRM Studio mainly because it is:

  • Simple – you use mouse to visually design what you need
  • Fast – you can publish a single customization for all mobile platforms within couple of minutes
  • Easy – no coding skills needed

If you want to learn how to use all of its features, the easiest way is to check out the video-tutorials that we have recently added.

You can also try it on your own for 30-days.

Dashboards & Charts

Companies have usually millions upon millions of data to sift through. This data is so important for them that they spend lots of $ each year for consultants or purchasing data mining and graphing software to make use of it. By using graphs, they can more easily follow trends and make real-time decisions that will benefit their bottom line. A single chart has the ability to display a significant amount of information.

Employees using Resco Mobile CRM can view important charts through the Dashboard functionality everywhere they go. They can check the progress of the orders while waiting for the appointment. Or they can view the invoices while preparing for the presentation for instance.

With Woodford tool you can easily define a matrix consisting of views and charts over the local database (offline mode), or over the CRM server data (online mode).

This short video explains how to configure a Dashboard.

We think that smartphone screens are just too small for use with Dashboard. Please let us know if you don’t think so or you are missing some features there.