Data Images: Simply explained

You can add pictures and photos into your mobile client for Dynamics CRM. This means you can see a product’s picture or a contact’s photo in the app.

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Data Images: Setup in Woodford configurator

There are two ways on how to integrate images into the mobile CRM app:

  • as Data images (for any CRM version)
  • as Entity images (for Dynamics CRM 2013)

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Webinar Recordings: Business process flows, image integration, calendar sharing…

We’ve conducted a series of 3 webinars to help you understand the latest features implemented into Resco Mobile CRM for Dynamics CRM │ version 7.1.

Juraj, Resco’s Senior Developer, explained how the new features work & how to set them up in the Woodford configurator.

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Create charts with multiple series

Multi-series charts: simply explained

A multi-series chart displays more than two values at once. It’s quite useful, when you want to compare and analyze data.

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Quick Video Tip: How to swiftly navigate through the Resco Mobile CRM app for Dynamics CRM

For all mobile CRM enthusiasts, we’ve prepared a short series with a few videos on how to use the Resco Mobile CRM app.

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