Join me for a 5.5km .next Run in Rome

You might have heard of conference we are hosting in Rome in October 2019. If you haven’t, you can find more details here: If you have and you are attending, here is an extra activity for you to consider.

Join my colleagues and me on Thursday morning, October 24th for a 5.5km run.

We will start early to make sure we make it back in time. Set your alarm properly as we’re meeting at 6:45am at the A.Roma Hotel. We will stroll down a few quiet streets towards the Villa Doria Pamphili Park–the largest landscaped park in Rome. A short loop there can be a bit hilly but nothing too scary. We will swing by a lake and return back to the hotel mostly retracing our steps. There will be a water and towel service awaiting for all participants. A quick group picture before we go get ready for breakfast and the 9:00am keynote.

You can find more details about the course including a map and elevation chart here:

If you don’t use any of the above, here is a map. We will stick together as a group though.

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I can’t promise this will help you become another Lelisa Desisa or Lawrence Cherono, pictured at the top. (You might have seen their epic finish at the 2019 Boston Marathon:

I can promise three things though:

  1. A great start of your day that will leave you energized,
  2. A big smile at the end of the run,
  3. An easy conversation starter when you see your fellow runners later at the conference.

Will I see you at 6:45am?

If you are keen to join, please let me know at ivan (at)