Documentation update: Learn more about Entity Notification Workflow and the new Questionnaire Designer!


Despite the hot summer months and vacations in full swing, we at Resco don’t want to stand still and rather try to further improve our products and services. And today we have some new and updated documentation for you.

Entity Notification Workflow

Have you ever needed a notification to appear automatically in case an entity changed? Let’s say that a notification about getting a big order would be quite useful for you. Or how about a situation when you’d like to give a discount to your customer, which needs to be approved by a manager first? Easy thing to do! Sending them an automated push notification based on the changed or newly created record (which fulfills specific conditions/requirements) has never been easier!

Entity Notification Workflow is a plugin for Dynamics CRM and Resco CRM environment allowing system administrators to configure automatic notifications that are triggered by a specific entity record creation/modification.

This plugin will send push notifications to the users you select. Once the user clicks on the notification, the Mobile CRM app will open and it will display the initiating entity record form. If the app is in offline mode and it doesn’t have that record yet, it will ask the user to switch to online mode and synchronize the data.

In addition to this functionality, admins can configure a notification category, which defines a set of actions that can be done on the entity record immediately as it opens (e.g. „Sign quote“).

If you’d like to know how to set up these conditions and how to automate this process, make sure to check out the new Entity Notification Workflow guide.


Updated Questionnaire Designer

The Resco Inspections product is growing fast. In the past weeks we’ve focused primarily on the Questionnaire Designer. It features a re-designed interface and great new additions to functionality. To help you keep up with these changes, we also updated our Inspections Designer Manual.

The document covers the planning and execution part of inspections. Inspections Designer is a web-based tool, enabling users to build questionnaires in a data-driven UI. It utilizes a per-record architecture (not per-entity), so the users don’t need to work with metadata when creating questionnaire forms. There’s no need to have system admin access privileges and mess around with potentially risky data schema changes.

Instead, any skilled user can design one-of-a-kind questionnaires and select the best from the wide variety of available question types: Inspectors can be asked to fill out checkboxes, select picklists, scan barcodes, take and edit photos, and much more. Conceptually, this list of questions serves both as a guidance for workers and a control tool for checking the process of inspection.

You can learn in detail about the process of building your own questionnaires in the freshly updated Inspections Designer manual.