CRM FAQs – Get your answers about Resco for Salesforce

salesforce connect offline

  • Why should I choose Resco Mobile CRM?
  • How secure is my Salesforce data in Resco?
  • Do I need to be a programmer to start working with Resco for Salesforce?
  • What Resco Mobile CRM licences are available?
  • Why is it important to be able to access Salesforce offline even nowadays?

If you are looking for the answers to these questions, you are at the right place. And, there is so much more. Just keep on reading!

Here is the collection of most frequently asked questions about Resco Mobile CRM for Salesforce that we often get during calls, webinars and live demonstrations. Enjoy!

Is Resco a Salesforce-native app?

No, Resco is not built on Salesforce ( platform). It is a native mobile app connecting to Salesforce via its API. As any other popular 3rd party apps that integrate with Salesforce (and can be found on the AppExchange store) – Resco is very easy to implement and use. On top of that, with the Resco app, you won’t need to integrate any other 3rd party app, since you will have an all-under-one-roof business tool with hundreds of capabilities.

Is our Salesforce data secure in Resco (and outside of Salesforce)?

Yes, indeed. Resco guarantees 100% security, safety, and protection when it comes to your data. Just like other Salesforce partners who have thousands of Salesforce integrations, Resco has had zero issues with client data. Data security is super high on the list of Resco’s priorities and integrated MAM (Mobile Application Management) is one of Resco’s top benefits. App admins can apply various security rules, or remotely lock & wipe the entire app, and more.

What’s the easiest way to connect Resco to Salesforce? Are there any programming skills required to TEST Resco with my Salesforce organization?

No programming skills are required when setting out to work with the Resco app. There is ZERO DEPLOYMENT needed when starting off with the out-of-the-box version. You can simply, download the Resco Mobile CRM app in your appstore, sync with your Salesforce organization (production or sandbox), input your Salesforce credentials and you are ready to go! For a more detailed description, see the Resco for Salesforce guide.

Do I need to be a skilled programmer when CUSTOMIZING Resco?

The Resco mobile experience can be tailored without any coding skills. You can make your Salesforce custom data available in Resco and present it the way it suits your business needs. The Resco mobile app comes hand-in-hand with the Woodford Configuration tool that lets you to create and utilize custom objects and enrich them with your favourite features, such as maps, charts, reports, the calendar & more. Woodford allows you to create new icons, modify the app behaviours to a high extent, design dashboards, and apply your own branding.

How to get started? Check out the Resco Mobile CRM Salesforce guide.

Did any question that wasn’t listed here cross your mind? We have good news for you! There is a pretty high possibility that you’ll find it in the CRM FAQs section of our website that we created exclusively for our folks from the Salesforce community:

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