Numbers don’t lie: How do Resco’s 200 largest customers use Mobile CRM?

Ever wondered how others utilize their Mobile CRM solution? To what extent do companies modify the app they get from Resco? Or which are the most popular entities utilized by our customers?

Then wonder no more, as we’re bringing you a sneak peek behind the curtain – exploring the usage of Mobile CRM at 200 of our largest customers. These are companies with the highest number of Resco licenses deployed to aid the job of their mobile staffers daily.

Custom vs. Standard entity usage

An Entity is the alpha and omega of every Mobile CRM – both custom and standard ones. But even with an ever-growing list of entities and capabilities available “straight out-of-the-box”, a clear majority of companies require customizations to handle their unique usage scenarios.

That’s why 57 of our 200 largest customers run a Resco Mobile CRM app where at least half of the project’s entities are custom entities. Meaning, that 28,5% of companies have extensively customized the app to suit their specific business and operations.

Furthermore, 102 companies (51%) configured the app to make at least one third of the entities custom.

The total number of entities utilized within the app varies extensively from customer to customer:

  • 128 of our 200 largest customers (64%) typically use between 5 to 15 entities overall.
  • 41 of them (20,5%) use 16 or more entities.
  • 31 companies (15,5%) who use 4 or even less entities in the app.

Interestingly though (as seen in the chart below), the company with the highest number of entities within their Resco Mobile CRM app uses 39 entities overall – 34 of which are custom. This goes on to demonstrate that the solution is indeed versatile and can be easily configured even for extensive use case scenarios.

Entity/custom entity count per customer:

The most popular standard entities

Ever wondered, what are the most used non-custom entities in Resco Mobile CRM? After having a look at data from 200 of our largest customers, we concluded that there are 8 favorite standard entities used by more than half of those customers. What does this exactly mean?

Accounts, contacts, appointments. Those are the common entities you would have guessed are the most utilized. And indeed, you are right! However, our research reveals an interesting list that entails also entities you had probably no idea were so popular among Resco’s mobile users.

Have a look at the top entities that are a part of the “out-of-the-box” functionality, users work with the most:

 1. List account: Accounts, in general, are the most accessed entities. Listing an account means, putting a pile of information about your partner/customer company or anyone who is a part of your business interactions into one place.

  • “List account” is used by 84% of Resco’s 200 largest customers

 2. Edit account: The ability to change the details of an account is a must. Hence, sales and field service reps can edit the account information at any time – even offline.

  • Used by 83%

 3. List contact: Contact data in your CRM database are just as important as account data. Since, contacts are “real people”, it is quite essential to note down all the information you have about them and be prepared before each meeting.

  • Used by 67%

 4. Edit contact: Changing contact information, whether it is a phone number, address, or note – this is also one of the most popular entities among Resco users on-the-go.

  • Used by 66%

 5. Edit appointment: Meetings, customer visits, or conferences – any appointment can be freely viewed and edited directly in a mobile solution. Editing an appointment allows you to change all its data, such as subject, location, start or end time, and more.

  • Used by 65%

 6. Edit annotation: Personal notes have quite a meaning. Especially, when sharing data about an account or a contact with the team members. With notes, users can keep track of all the useful insights about the relationship history with a person, company, event or else.

  • Used by 63%

 7. Calendar appointment (Tourplan. appointment): Create, view, modify and re-schedule appointments directly in the calendar view. More than half of Resco’s users consider this a                    handy and smart way to arrange their days, weeks, all in advance or instantly on the spot.

  • Used by 54%

 8. List activity: Activity in the CRM world represents an appointment, email, phone call, service activity, etc. Basically, any kind of action you record in your mobile solution. Users prefer, not only to list activities, but to view, create, and edit them with all the details.

  • Used by 53%

Used by less than half, however still well-liked, the list continues with the following: edit phone call, edit task, list opportunity, list lead, edit opportunity, edit email, list incident, and more.

The usage of standard entities across Resco’s 200 largest customers:

Does this match up with your idea of the most popular entities in Resco Mobile CRM? Were you surprised to learn that so many users rely on  custom entities? And which entities can’t you do without? Don’t be afraid to share your experience with Resco Mobile CRM in comments bellow, or drop us a line or two at