Resco Mobile Sales – Integrative Demo with Salesforce [VIDEO]


While Mobile CRM alone with its core features is a handy tool to boost your business, there is much more to it. What does a sales rep require to be at their absolute most productive? Close sales cycles quicker? Sign deals on the spot? Present multiple documents from one tablet rather than piles of brochures and pamphlets? Or are you meeting all your dedicated clients in the day, with the most optimal routes? If you answered YES to any one of these, and you are looking for the ultimate solution in data collection, analysis, document management, targeting, segmenting, mobility, and security all-in-one.

Bring the familiarity of your desktop backend system experience (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, etc.) to your phone or tablet. Transmit the visual desktop experience to your mobile device, and revamp the accustomed experience for mobile purposes, regarding all the processes and functionalities, simultaneously. You can perform the entire sales force automation process in the field – always offline-ready.

The processes included are: Mobile Sales, Field Service, Security Device Management, Mobile Audit, Route Planning & Optimization.

Have a peek at how your sales projects with Resco Mobile Sales can run:

The demo recording describes how to design dashboards, get calendar and events all at glance, make calls and track emails effortlessly – all on Windows devices for those utilizing Salesforce in the back-office.

However, we reckon a personal walkthrough is the best way to get to know the app. Contact us at and schedule a demo or try it for yourself!

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