The ‘Who, What, When & Where’ of


Part 1 of ‘The Who’ is us, the Resco team. A team of highly-skilled IT professionals and business leaders. On the other side, it will also be YOU. 

Who is the conference for?

I would lie if I said, it was for everyone. It is, indeed, for every mobile CRM enthusiast. It is for everyone who has a love for technology and the overall spread of energy you get when you get excited over something revolutionary, which brings peace and ease to your daily lives. Simply put, it is an ‘educational’ event, but who says, you can’t have some fun? Come and get different perspectives on what you do, explore insights from the Resco folks and our partners to see if you’re doing things right, or could use a little help.

Whether you are a Resco longtime Partner or Customer that’s been using Resco Mobile CRM for Dynamics CRM for years or a potential newcomer coming from the Salesforce community trying to gain a deeper understanding about our technology – we will serve you all. The sessions are designed to satisfy everyone’s curiosity and answer your questions, whether you are a mobile CRM newbie or you call yourself a CRM master.

What to expect from the 2-day event?

Don’t expect anything shy of revolutionary! ;)

This time, just like the year before, we put together sessions with only the hottest topics in mind. Starting with the recent CWR acquisition, through Resco’s cooperation with FieldOne and other future plans.

A sneak peek of the topics, we’ll cover:

  • Resco Roadmap & Future Plans
  • Resco Mobile CRM – Standalone and new Integrations (Salesforce, Oracle Sales Cloud & Google Apps for Work)
  • A to Z to Business Logic
  • Use Cases – Features dismantled
  • First-hand Customer Success Stories
  • And more…

When & where will ‘the magic happen’?

The opportunity to attend won’t pass you by, if you happen to be in Munich, Germany on November 3rd-4th or in Philadelphia, USA on November 15th-16th. Before you pack your bags, all you need to do is to register for a full conference at our website:

Munich | November 3 – 4

Register here

Philly | November 15 – 16

Register here

Little advice: The sooner, the better! To get the most of your penny :) The early-bird discount is on the table by August 15.

Why attend?

Note, that has never been about sessions only. We do our best to bring a large-scale event with plenty networking opportunities, roundtable discussions, and we have a little party in stock for you as well, to further engage with your fellow CRM comrades and in general, relax!

A full-valued conference is one that results in relevant takeaways so that you can optimize and take your business to the next level.

Stay tuned & follow our blog that will reveal the full agenda & all the reasons why is a must attend event of 2016!

All you need to know about the #1 mobile CRM conference provided by Resco, can be read on our website.


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