Microsoft Dynamics CRM set to reap the benefits of LinkedIn acquisition?


Picture walking into a meeting, with all the latest information about the attendees your digital assistant provided you with moments earlier. That’s the vision presented by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella for bringing the world’s largest professional social network’s database to Dynamics, Office 365 and Cortana, after the Redmond-based software giant announced the acquisition of LinkedIn for $26 billion last month.

With a user base of 434 million professionals, LinkedIn’s assets can be especially valuable in advancing Microsoft Dynamics CRM as access to in-depth details about organizations and employees can further help sales teams to uncover fresh opportunities and close more deals. With that in mind both sides stressed the importance of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator (a BI tool that helps users find new prospects even outside their LinkedIn network), which should be deeply integrated into Dynamics CRM soon after the deal is completed.

Another area where LinkedIn can expand the reach of Dynamics CRM is the recently introduced Company News feature. So far, it brings up news and events related to a lead, contact, account, or opportunity from Bing News. Adding also LinkedIn’s Facebook-style news feed to the mix, could allow users to keep an eye on the latest developments in their entire professional network, not just on existing records from Dynamics CRM.

According to Patrick Moorehead, principal analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, professionals commonly  use LinkedIn for communication (either with prospects, clients, business partners, or co-workers), but it lacked the tools that would allow them to collaborate and complete more complex tasks. “What brought the two companies together is clear to me. Microsoft had the tools but lacked the community and deep profiles. LinkedIn had the community and deep profiles but lacked the tools,” he explained.

While practical results of the Microsoft/LinkedIn deal still remain to be seen, integrating social capabilities with customer relationship management has been a prominent topic across the field and Resco has already brought new social features to the Mobile CRM users. In our Summer release, we have re-designed the chat available in Resco Mobile CRM. Teams can now communicate within dedicated channels so everyone has a transparent view of what’s going on. And if users wish to speak with a colleague directly, they can also send direct messages to each other.


All of the messages can contain text, multimedia attachments (photos, audio, video) and you can also tag CRM entities so the recipient can instantly get a detailed overview of the matter (opportunities, products, etc.).

To start using the chat in Resco Mobile CRM you just need to enable it in the Woodford configuration tool and place “My Wall” among other entities on the app’s home screen.



We are also actively working on a plugin for Dynamics CRM to simplify the communication between the back office and mobile users – so stay tuned, you will be able to use the Resco chat directly from the Microsoft Dynamics web browser client very soon.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about Resco Mobile CRM’s re-designed chat or other features just let us know at Or join us this autumn in Munich or Philadelphia for 2016 – a two day knowledge-packed conference on CRM mobility.