Oracle Modern CX Summit – Las Vegas Sales Experience Wrap-Up


Been there, done that, satisfied and delighted!

Oracle Modern Sales Summit definitely falls into the ‘event to remember’ category. Looking back on the two-day event full of expected and unexpected, we came up with a little reflection on why our trip to Las Vegas was so worthwhile.

3 key takeaways

  • Oracle Ecosystem rises in importance rapidly
  • There’s a huge gap in enterprise mobile solutions for Oracle CX products
  • The Cloud is the main and only focus across the whole CX


5 quick Oracle CX Cloud facts

  1. A suite of cloud-based tools for CRM and sales, marketing, customer service, e-commerce and others
  2. Suite includes:
  • Sales Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • CPQ Cloud (product configuration, pricing and quoting)
  • Commerce Cloud
  1. Oracle is not known as a leader in Mobile CRM , which is a highly important area for CRM providers (this is where Resco steps in)
  2. Oracle specializes in industry-specific customization for companies focused on communications, consumer goods, financial services, manufacturing and more
  3. CX is still a baby! Oracle is not taking baby steps with its cloud technologies though :)

What were our expectations/goals?

√  Introduce the benefits of our top-notch technology to as many Oracle enthusiasts as possible

√  Gain some valuable feedback and advice from them in exchange

√ Discover other use scenarios for Resco Mobile CRM for Oracle CX (other than sales)

√ Get familiar with future forecasts and plans from Oracle and its ecosystem and see if they meet our expectations and ambitions

√ Enrich our technical skills in Oracle technology and dive deeper into its specifics and mysteries

√ Hear more about Oracle customer needs, wants and preferences

√ Experience those positive vibes and that feeling of freedom in the city that never sleeps

Oracle CX Summit in a Nutshell

Why focus on Sales Cloud

We swung by all of the four pavilions dedicated to a different “Oracle Experience” at the Summit, but kept our main focus on a Sales track, where we had a chance to introduce our Resco Mobile CRM solution fully integrated with Oracle Sales Cloud, at its best.

Our booth was the no.1 place, where most of our demos and product intros were taken. And while Michal jumped in when another interested attendee stopped by, Ivan made sure not to miss fascinating speeches of various experts, like Gartner, Nucleus Research or Forrester.

Oracle claims to be committed to maximize the overall customer experience. Oracle Sales Cloud is a comprehensive part of Oracle product portfolio that is built to streamline the sales processes. The capabilities and overall profile of the solution is highly aligned with the ones Resco Mobile CRM brings to the market.

Very recently, Resco expanded its complete strategy and unified product line-up. Once we, at Resco, developed the in-house connection between Resco Mobile CRM and Oracle Sales Cloud, attending Sales Cloud Experience came naturally.

Integration of Resco with Oracle Sales Cloud


We made our debut into the Oracle Partner Network Ecosystem in November 2015, and ever since we’ve been stepping up our game up!

Resco Mobile CRM works as a fully-functional mobile client for Oracle CX Technologies = enterprises that utilize Oracle that solutions have already started to deploy Resco Mobile technologies

The mobile solution is already available in Oracle Cloud Marketplace, main place to find business apps for Oracle cloud solutions

What’s next

“Because of the growing interest from different CRM & CX communities, and after the positive reception we got at Oracle CX Summit, we feel obligated & determined to praise Resco Mobile CRM as the top technology that’s currently available.” – Radomir Vozar, CEO at Resco

Getting deeper into the complexity and a “one of a kind” technology such as Oracle CX, takes a pretty strong commitment from our side.  It takes the investment in time at most. It requires a lot of patience, courage and willingness to risk. For us, it means entering a new ecosystem, gaining new kinds of partners and customers on our side. Truly, refining Resco Mobile CRM’s capabilities and features for Oracle CX has become one of our top priorities. #TakingOracleByStorm!

If you’re curious to see, how the integration works and if it can serve as a match for your business and technologies that you utilize, don’t hesitate to talk to us directly at We’re happy to hear your thoughts!