FieldOne & Resco: Is Resco Mobile CRM now included in the Dynamics CRM professional license?

FieldOne and Resco Mobile CRM

When Microsoft acquired FieldOne (which was announced in August this year), a vivid discussion immediately spurred in the Dynamics CRM ecosystem, as it was apparent that the FieldOne Sky product was becoming part of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM offering. Resco played a part in the deal too, as the mobile solution named FieldOne Sky Mobile is fully based on Resco Mobile CRM.

Some rumors have occurred, indicating that Resco Mobile CRM is about to be a part of every Microsoft Dynamics CRM Professional and Enterprise license for no additional charge. This type of rumors caused a lot of confusion and questions within our partner and customer ecosystem. They even possibly jeopardized some of our partners’ deals.

I am here to announce that these rumors are not true. Microsoft & Resco agreed on specific conditions upon which FieldOne Sky Mobile, which is based on Resco Mobile CRM technology, can be used.

What is the status quo?

FieldOne Sky’s mobile app can only be used for FieldOne-related field service scenarios with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional and Enterprise license. There will be legal and technical restrictions in place. For all other than field service scenarios (e.g. sales, etc.), customers and partners are advised to work with Resco directly, just like they are used to already.

You can find the official blog by Param Kahlon, Partner Group Program Manager for MS Dynamics CRM, explaining the details from Microsoft’s angle here.

To learn more about Resco Mobile CRM for MS Dynamics CRM, visit

4 thoughts on “FieldOne & Resco: Is Resco Mobile CRM now included in the Dynamics CRM professional license?

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