How to use Resco CRM, part 4 — Email + CRM

10 benefits of Email blended in your CRM (Infographic)

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One database is easier to manage than two or more systems.

Thinking about applying Resco CRM in your company? Sure, switching from one tool to another can be tricky. So how to get the benefits of CRM while using the tools you know and prefer? The answer is simple – Integration. One of such tools that can be easily integrated into your CRM system is most certainly email. Mainly because, the vast majority of your customer conversations happen via email.

How is your Email integrated to Resco CRM efficient and effective?

Email integration in CRM improves sales tracking, lets you manage everything in one place and simply makes your emails smarter. The tools like Exchange or Gmail are essential for many sales reps.  Resco CRM is able to capture important email activity within the whole system. The best part is – it is all automated. You don’t have to do anything.

Every change or configuration you make within your inbox in any tool integrated with Exchange or Gmail, will be automatically reflected in Resco CRM and vice versa.

How does it work? No copies – every reference is remembered

When you transfer your data (inbox, contacts, even the whole database) from Exchange (or Gmail) to Resco CRM – you are not making a copy. You are transforming the changes from the original automatically (no extra clicking). Conversely, if it was just a copy, it wouldn’t remember the references.

Imagine, you are making a tiny change in your Exchange inbox, e.g. you are moving a message from the general inbox folder to a ‘Houston area’ subfolder. When you access your Resco CRM organization, the message will already be placed in the subfolder. Once you reorganize the architecture – it will appear in the other tool straight away.

10 benefits of email in resco crm

What does the email integration in Resco CRM look like?

email in resco crm

new contact

convert to a deal

no tools switching

track emails



one system

write a new message



emails with accounts

move between folders


To start sending smarter emails, create your own organization in Resco CRM.

If you prefer to find out more about this integration first, go to your Exchange or Gmail and contact us at

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