E-mail + CRM = Resco CRM

Writing e-mails

Writing and receiving emails is one of the most common business activities we all do every day. It’s even more evident for CRM users, such as sales reps whose main job is to communicate. It would be great if such users had one tool that would allow them to work with CRM data and at the same time it would provide a fully functional email client.

In Dynamics CRM, users can either work in CRM environment, where they have full access to CRM data, but only a very limited email functionality. Or they can switch to Outlook with a Dynamics CRM add-on. This solution provides good emailing functionality but only a partial CRM data access.

Therefore CRM users have to frequently switch between both tools. Additionally, if such users want to work from their mobile devices, they have to switch to another (third) tool – which provides completely different user experience with even more limited CRM and emailing functionalities.

As an alternative, Resco CRM provides a unique environment where the Outlook functionality is natively integrated into the CRM system. In addition to standard CRM functionality, the sales rep can receive, send new, reply to, and forward emails just like in Outlook. Moreover, email tracking and creating CRM data from emails are also available.

Eliminating constant switching between various applications, the sales rep can become even more productive, provide more accurate data and save a significant amount of time. Resco CRM works exactly the same way on desktop as well as on all mobile platforms and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Exchange and Gmail.

If you don’t use Resco CRM yet and want to learn more, open your Outlook and email us at rescocrm@resco.net :)

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