Sport your colors! Unveiling the branding possibilities of Resco Mobile Apps


Once decided on what you want your customers and partners to do with the mobile app you provide them, comes a time to think about the design. After all, how your app looks and feels to the user is – together with its usefulness – the deciding factor whether your audience will keep returning to the app continuously.

Woodford offers a wide selection of branding possibilities which let you tailor the application’s design to reflect your company’s visual identity. From modifying the color themes to completely altering the user interface – that your audience can instantly associate the app with your brand.

So how can you make your app stand out from the crowd?

Color themes


Sport the colors that your clients and allies connect with your business. The designer tool in Woodford lets you give each part of the app a unique visual flair. Whether you want to change only the text color, highlight the latest information with a different design, or create an entire theme reflecting your brand indentity.



People are visual beings and a well-designed icon helps user orientation better than text. Utilize your established icons to enhance in-app navigation. When you customers and partners know and like them from earlier interactions, there’s no reason to not use them here.



Add images which will spark your clients’ imagination. You can use entity images that have been introduced in Dynamics CRM 2013 or any note images. These can be used on views and on forms alike.



Pictures are not enough? We hear you. That’s why you can charm your customers with stunning product presentations they can swipe through and zoom into. All thanks to the magic of HTML pages included in the app and available also when the user is offline.



For our app we used Iframes for quick and easy access to the conference website. You can have the users accessing your own homepage directly from the app. Iframes can also pass entity fields as parameters, meaning the users can, for instance, google your products and services in a flash to see what others are saying about them.

Custom forms/items


The JavaScript Bridge lets you create an HTML page which interacts with the application. For example, you’re able to create a calculator that accesses the price of a property (which is stored in your CRM) and calculates the monthly mortgage payment. Your agents, dealers or distributors will have the tools to service customers always at hand.

HTML interface


Want an app that looks like nothing the users have seen before? Replace the entire interface with an HTML page of your own making which lets your company’s personality shine through.

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