Resco’s perspective on ‘Microsoft to Acquire FieldOne‘


The news about the FieldOne acquisition that resonated in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM industry popped up on the radar of many of you—our customers and partners.

Let me first congratulate FieldOne and Microsoft on behalf of the entire Resco team.

As many of you know, the mobile solution within the FieldOne Sky product is based on Resco Mobile CRM: the bulletproof offline capabilities, maps, GPS navigation, calendar/scheduling or multiplatform configuration tool to tweak the app to name just a few perks of Resco. No wonder the mobile customer service technology is mentioned as one of the top reasons behind the Microsoft – FieldOne deal, as reported by GeekWire, Fortune, InformationWeek and many others.

I am proud to see the role of Resco Mobile CRM in this deal and consider this a success of Resco too. As FieldOne becomes part of Microsoft, de facto and de jure, Resco Mobile CRM becomes a part of Microsoft’s solution. This new situation raises a lot of questions, especially about the future of Resco technology, the future of Microsoft’s own mobile approach, our relationship with other partners etc.

Let me reassure you, this means great news for all of us. The acquisition is a perfect example of the superb quality of Resco Mobile CRM, now with the seal of approval from Microsoft. It is apparent that you can fully rely on Resco Mobile CRM when looking for leading mobile capabilities.

The acquisition is a clear signal of the inevitable relevance of Resco Mobile CRM in the current mobile-first world. The fact we are about to acquire our 1,000th customer in Q3 this year is a great proof of that after all.

FieldOne is our premier partner. One of over 340 partners we work with around the globe. We understand our success is primarily determined by the success of our partners. We are happy to see FieldOne succeed. At the same time, we value all our partners and aspire to be a reliable business counterpart with the best mobile capabilities out there to all of them.

We have very ambitious plans with our Mobile CRM, as described in our official roadmap, and are fully committed to deliver.

We all look forward to working with you on delivering the best mobile experience in the CRM industry.

Ivan Stano
COO at
To find out whether Resco Mobile CRM is now automatically a part of MS Dynamics CRM license that includes FieldOne Sky, read this post.

6 thoughts on “Resco’s perspective on ‘Microsoft to Acquire FieldOne‘

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