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In recent years, there’s been an endless surge of content trying to break down the art of communication to the core. Yet, only a few days ago I’ve stumbled upon an article that, I think, finally hits the nail on the head.

Turns out you don’t need to know 5 things, master 7 steps or uncover 20 nuggets of wisdom to network effectively. But how do we talk to strangers, yet bypass unnecessary small talk?

The answer is staggeringly simple – know your passion. And even better, do what you’re passionate about. Realizing this opens the doors to conversations without fillers.

And those are the ones we’re going for. With CRM and mobility being our common ground, we’re hoping to make more of a conversation rather than a monologue. And those come around easier when you know that the person standing in front of you is also a CRM buff. Even if you’ve never seen him/her before. The goal is to share knowledge, exchange experience and build mutually beneficial relationships.

To get the ball rolling, we prepared numerous networking opportunities for attendees and speakers. Following official registration, you can hop right into the networking pool and enjoy delicious drinks at the Welcome Reception, starting at 18:00 on Sunday (June 7).

We hope you’ll get to know even more of fellow conference attendees and speakers during the Reception and After Party happening on Monday night (June 8). Meet us from 19:00 at LaVeranda restaurant (Burgasse 2, Vienna) over some of the best culinary specialties Vienna has to offer.

Oh, and don’t forget about lunches or the exclusive tasting of the premium bourbon that inspired the name of Resco Mobile CRM’s customizing tool.

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However, you can pre-register for the upcoming edition which will take place in Munich (EU) and Philadelphia (US) in autumn 2016. Find out all the latest details at the official conference website