Say hello to app, your door to the conference


From Mobility through Whiskey to CRM. We will get down to this business. We will talk a lot about CRM and even more about Mobile CRM.

And all of this will happen very soon. Have you started discovering what is there to see at conference yet? Nevermind, we’ve got it all covered for you. And we also know, you will be overwhelmed with the exciting information at the place – so we can give you little hand with the planning too.

How is that possible?

To make sure everybody gets the best out of, we’ve come up with the convenient solution: we created app available for everyone.

Built on Resco CRM technology, the app is easy to download and work with. You can access it via your mobile device by downloading Resco CRM from your app store (iTunes, Google Play, Windows Phone, Windows 8/RT). Or access it via your browser by visiting

This smart app is designed to  be your ultimate guide to the upcoming conference. Definitely recommended to all attendees.

But then we thought: Why not to enable the rest of the CRM enthusiasts to see the happenings at

Attendees can log in with the unique credentials received by e-mail, once the app is downloaded. Those, who are not registered to the conference, but would like to get some insight into the sessions, can simply log in with the general credentials:

Organization (URL):

User name:

Password: boston

How does the app make your stay at the conference and in Boston more memorable?

    • It’s the simplest way to review the session catalogue. Before the event or on the go. You can be one of those curious guys who would like to know what to expect from each speaker. Or maybe, you are one of those that like to check what’s awaiting them. The session review will guide everyone through the information about the time, place, presenters and each topic.


    • Second of all, it is designed to be your personal organizer (in case you are an attendee with your own login credentials). The app features the built-in personalized session calendar that lets you choose your sessions according to your preferences. There are more than 20 quality talks and this way you can add your choices to the calendar. You wouldn’t want to risk missing out on that one about the new features you’ve been looking forward to, right?


    • And what about the presenters? Are there more business people or techies? With the app, you can also see the job positions of our speakers and their sessions. Plus, use the app to reserve a time slot exclusively for you during the Roundable discussions session.


    • Some of us have better orientation skills than the others. For thoseis the second category, we created the Hotel floor plan in case you end up in the room C instead of room A


  • On the top of everything, we included some highly recommended points of interest in the app. Now, you can see the map of Vienna with the best places to eat, drink, get some culture or go for some sightseeing.

There is even more, but we don’t want to spoil it for you. Try app now and start planning!

Your team :)

If you have any questions about the mobile app, feel free to contact 2015 is over

However, you can pre-register for the upcoming edition which will take place in Munich (EU) and Philadelphia (US) in autumn 2016. Find out all the latest details at the official conference website

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