Get more done with Resco Mobile CRM and Dropbox

If you’re using Dropbox file hosting service for storing docs, photos, videos and other files, you can associate them with your CRM records and access them offline directly in the Resco Mobile CRM app.

Resco Mobile CRM and Dropbox You might be familiar with the SharePoint integration which was introduced in Resco Mobile CRM last summer. The upcoming release, which is scheduled for the very beginning of June, will this time bring your Dropbox files.

It’s an easy way to move multiple data files between Dropbox and Dynamics CRM, allowing you to share them instantly with your team and other CRM users in your company.

What does this mean for Resco Mobile CRM users?

With Dropbox support in Resco Mobile CRM, you can simply and quickly share files with others!
CRM users can access the Dropbox files anytime in their mobile devices, keep them organized, update them by synchronizing the latest content & collaborate with other team members to work more effectively.


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