Come and explore the technical aspects of Mobile CRM at 2015

One of the tracks (June 8-9, 2015 in Vienna) will be dedicated to Mobile CRM from the technical point of view. I’m bringing you a closer look at some of the technical sessions to explore what’s in it for you. 2015 Vienna

Sessions in the technical track

This track assumes prior knowledge of Resco Mobile CRM (with the customizing tool Woodford). Here’s a sampling of sessions that will answer your most common questions about Mobile CRM:


> What will be the new features of Resco Mobile CRM?

The next release of Resco Mobile CRM is planned for June, so a perfect timing to walk you through the newest features at the Vienna conference. You will learn how to:

  • integrate your contacts from your address book on your device to your Mobile CRM,
  • associate and move data between cloud storages and CRM,
  • set up email integration with Gmail and Outlook,
  • and many (by that I mean MANY) more.

If you‘re interested, mark down the session titled “An exclusive walkthrough of newly added capabilities“.


> How to enhance the performance of your Mobile CRM and make it sync faster?

If you came across any error messages in the app or you wondered why it took so long to synchronize, or the customizing tool Woodford wasn’t doing exactly what you expected it to do, then the session “Install, troubleshoot and optimize your mobile CRM to deliver the best mobile experience” will be a great choice to attend.

The synchronization process is a topic of its own as it has many hidden parts, for instance conflict resolutions and optimizing sync performance when you have large database with Sync Filters. All the aspects will be unveiled in the session “Synchronization secrets: What we didn’t tell you”.


> How to protect your data in the Mobile CRM app?

Does Resco or anybody else have access to your data? How can you wipe out the data remotely or lock the app when the mobile device gets stolen? How do you setup specific security policies in Woodford? How does the auditing work? What Mobile Device Management (MDM) does Resco solution support?

If you have many security questions in your mind, they will be securely answered in the session “The dreaded question: How secure is Resco Mobile CRM?”.


> How to create automated business processes in Resco Mobile CRM?

Workflows known from Dynamics CRM can be modeled in the Mobile CRM app with the Form Rules. This way you can create custom processes, scripts, validations and rules to prompt your users to do the business magic. Learn the best practices in the advanced technical session “A to Z of portable business logic”.


> How to extend Resco Mobile CRM with Offline HTML?

In simple words: If the standard User Interface of Mobile CRM is not enough for you, or you want to create offline HTML project with complex business logic, then you can explore how to implement those in the session “Techie Talk: Offline HTML best practices”.

This session is a real deep-dive into the advanced technical aspects, featuring also Iframes, JavaScript Bridge, debugging of possible problems with Visual Studio and explaining the asynchronous approach.


> How to start using and customizing Resco CRM?

Resco CRM is a simple stand-alone CRM optimized for mobility. It has its own server which can be tailored to capture your specific business needs. The sessions “Customizing Resco CRM project” part 1 and part 2 will cover the basics from creating entities, fields and views to advanced topics as custom rules and templates.

Resco CRM has its own track in which you can go through the whole process of trying out a lighter CRM solution and deploying it for your business with the guidance of our experts.


> When will route planning be available in Resco Mobile CRM? (and other most wanted features)

Vision, strategy, roadmaps and the cool stuff. The rumor has it there will be new MDM software support, UI changes, social media integration, inspection surveys available… Find out what’s true about it and what it means for you in the session “What’s the Plan? Resco’s roadmap & vision for the future”.


If you specialize in the technical aspects of CRM mobility, don’t miss out on these unique learning opportunities.

Also, don’t be afraid to change your mind onsite and adjust your schedule to attend other sessions than you initially planned. You might be positively surprised and get to know other aspects of Mobile CRM.


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Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about the conference 2015. 2015 is over

However, you can pre-register for the upcoming edition which will take place in Munich (EU) and Philadelphia (US) in autumn 2016. Find out all the latest details at the official conference website