Convergence EMEA: photo compilation

Here’s a little taste of what this year’s Convergence in Barcelona was like for us:


Second_day_at_Convergence Resco_stand_Convergence Many people stopped by at our booth to get to know our solution (and us) a bit better.
If you want to know what questions they asked, read this blog post on Convergence FAQs.


Our sales guys Maros, Adrian and David were very happy.
Second to left is not one of them, it’s one of our partners: Evgeny Smirnov from Navicon in Russia.



Those eager to try our app could do so right then and there. Even the Google Glass version of it.



Presentation_on_MobilityResco’s pre-Convergence workshop on Monday and a presentation on mobility on Thursday.

Resco_and_beerLucky winner
Welcome reception on Tuesday and one of the lucky winners of Woodford.
Yes, we are aware that the photo looks staged. That’s because it is. 


Resco’s Happy Hour on Wednesday: Calm before it all started & very busy when it did.


NotWoodfordStillGoodResco_DinnerEvenings with manly drinks, tasty food and good company.

…and Extras

Not all photos taken are fit to be distributed.

But hey, I am gonna go ahead a show you some anyway:


Up for some product placement?

ExhaustedLast photo of exhausted Resco crew.


and banana!

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