Next generation of Resco Mobile CRM: Dressing up the Forms

Resco Mobile CRM is about to get its great makeover end of September. And I am going to reveal what’s about to change.

I have already shown the new concept of Views in this blog. If you have not seen them yet, be sure to take a look. Now is the time to unveil the newly designed Forms.

One Form to rule them all

When designing the new form, we kept one goal in mind: The form needs to provide a perfect overview of a record on one screen.

How is this accomplished?

For starters, once you open a record, you can see its fields and associated records immediately, without needing to do any scrolling or clicking. Then, this new Form also allows you to quickly perform common actions; such as edit data or create a new associated record right then and there.

This is how the new form looks like:

Newly designed Forms in Resco Mobile CRM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The re-invented form is divided into 2 areas: Fields & Associated records

New Forms in Resco Mobile CRM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

1. Fields

Fields are editable (no need to click on edit button anymore) and can be grouped into clusters (for a neat look and easier navigation). And if the number of fields exceeds the screen size, the section can be scrolled vertically.

2. Associated records

This area contains associated records and can be jazzed up by a few special items; such as the Map or Weather frame.

An associated entity frame provides one-tap access to create a new record (the plus sign), offers a switch to alternate (Map, Chart or List) view of the data (the icon next to the plus sign), and provides a View selector if there are multiple views available (underneath an entity’s name).

The listed records can be scrolled horizontally – the dots below indicate the data volume and your current position.

The arrangement of all objects can be decided in the configuration tool for the app Woodford. If the number of added frames exceeds the screen size, the whole section will become vertically scrollable. The navigation bar, which appears automatically on top once you scroll down, can be used to quickly navigate to the part you want.

Alternate setup

You can also alter the above shown layout. The fields section can be displayed in one, but also in two columns, depending on the screen size or your preference.

So in Woodford, you can decide that the fields section would take up two columns and the associated records section would collapse into one column. This is convenient for entities with a lot of fields and small number of associated entities.

The following picture illustrates this reversed layout:

Newly designed Forms in Resco Mobile CRM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Alternate setup of the new form, with 2 columns reserved for fields and one for associated records.

What about the phones?

You can expect the same UI and functionality for phones as well. Of course, some adjustments to smaller display sizes were made. The phone app will incorporate a smart navigation bar that will allow you to switch between screens.

How to upgrade to the new interface

Since you already started asking about the new UI, I’d like to share a few words on the upgrade process.

There will be 2 options available:

1) You can remain using the old version and test the new one by downloading a new app, which will be soon available in app stores, or

2) You can make the switch in the Woodford configurator, so that the regular Resco Mobile CRM app will change its visual once users synchronize it.

That’s it for today. And if you think that I’m done with the news, think again. I’ll come back soon with even more exciting ones.

9 thoughts on “Next generation of Resco Mobile CRM: Dressing up the Forms

    • Hi Robin,
      the release is scheduled for the end of September (it might take few days for the app stores to accept the app, so first week of October the latest).

      And yes, we are implementing this new design for all platforms, including Windows 8 .


  1. Hi Martin, Woodford is released only after the new app is available on all stores (so that nothing gets messed up if someone were to activate a new feature in Woodford and the old app wouldn’t be able to make sense of it).

    So yes, we’ll have to wait. But I am sure it will be worth it.

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