Microsoft’s mobile app vs. Resco Mobile CRM. What’s the difference?

What do you think of the new mobile app from Microsoft? What does it mean for Resco?

These questions (and their variations) are now more popular than ever. We might as well answer them publicly. So here it goes:

We have taken a look at the new mobile app from Microsoft – if you stay with me for a moment, I’ll try to explain the major differences.

Offline capability

The articles, press releases, discussions… they all talked about Microsoft finally coming up with an offline capability. The truth is: It’s non-existent.

Microsoft has offline caching – what is that actually?
Offline caching simply means that, if you were looking at a record already and you lose the internet connection, you are still able to see it.

You can VIEW some previously viewed record/s. That’s not really offline working. (If it were, I can say I have offline internet on my phone, because the webpage I last opened is still there when I re-open the browser.)

Resco has offline mode – a real working one.
This means that mobile users can not only view the records they have already looked at, they can view all other ones as well. And they can actually really WORK with them all. Now, how cool is that?

There is a HUGE difference between an offline mode & offline caching.


Hands down, the app from Microsoft looks really nice. Especially on those demo examples – full of colorful pictures & graphs. But if you dig a bit deeper, you’ll see that the functionality is, let’s say – limited.

You can’t, for example, send e-mails, create quotes or edit and fill in data whenever you want. You might be able to do so in 2-3 years’ time… but who has the time to wait so long?

Resco, on the other hand, has so many features you would need more than an hour to go through them all.

Don’t get me wrong, Microsoft’s mobile app is a nice complementary feature of Dynamics CRM. Great for those who use the standard browser version and find themselves occasionally needing a mobile access. But those, who see mobile CRM as a daily working tool, not just as a nice-to-have accessory, need something more. (Yes, I am now referring to Resco Mobile CRM.)

The price question

Sometimes, no matter what the functionality is, price remains no.1 criterion for many companies. Microsoft is releasing its client free of charge; our professional version comes with a price tag. So why should anyone pay?

It’s simple.

While Microsoft’s mobile client might be sufficient for some, the majority of users can be truly productive only with a fully functional, feature-rich solution. The investment in a good Mobile CRM shows results very quickly and practically pays for itself, in most cases, in just couple of months.

So one can either decide to invest a small amount now and start working right away, or wait a couple of years until (and if) something else comes along.

The winner?

If you were expecting a head-to-head race, I have to disappoint you. It’s not happening.

Resco is not competing with Microsoft. In fact, Resco & Microsoft are collaborating very well. Microsoft does a great CRM system and we provide an awesome mobile solution for it. It’s a win-win relationship.

But in case you would like to compare some of the features of both solutions, here is a summarizing table that does exactly that:


We have also done a more detailed comparison of Resco Mobile CRM and Microsoft’s MoCa. Do check it out!

11 thoughts on “Microsoft’s mobile app vs. Resco Mobile CRM. What’s the difference?

  1. As an avid Resco Mobile CRM user and customizer (ipad version) let me please add the one thing you did not mention – Your amazing support model. At this point i would pay for Resco even if the MS mobile version was free and equal in feature set because MS will never act like they care about me as much as Resco has demonstrated that they really do.

  2. It is just some matter of days that MS will capture this gap. One best thing of MS client is that there is no seperate customization effort. Also it is already available on Android.

    I totally agree on the support, RESCO team is very responsive and approachable. Very strong support commitment.

    Some of the things that have not turned well for RESCO is price and they could not strategically go with MS (my personal opinion).

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  4. I saw that you guys have HTML5 support, but is there any plans for an out of the box browser based version like you have for your mobile apps? Switching from iphone to iPad to laptop browser seamlessly would be incredible for us Mac users. Laptops are better for composing / typing. Do I hear any up votes for this?

  5. Hi Iam, I get your drift – wanting to switch from iPad to Mac for convenience. To be honest, we have not thought of supporting Mac, not do we currently plan to, since we stay true to mobile devices (that’s our thing). And yes, we do support HTML5, yet our mobile apps are native.
    But I think there could be a possibility to use Dynamics CRM on Mac via Safari. At least so they say in couple of articles I have read- here’s one of them::
    Hope this helps.

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