Mobile CRM for Windows 8 is out

Great news for all Windows 8 fans—our Mobile CRM App meeting the Metro UI guidelines was successfully published at Windows Store. Even though the Windows 8 version will be part of the new Collaboration Update scheduled for October 2nd, it is available for all Windows 8 users already now—more than 1 month before the official release of the new OS.

Resco Mobile CRM for Windows 8

Resco Mobile CRM for Windows 8

8 thoughts on “Mobile CRM for Windows 8 is out

  1. Thanks for the note, Atle—in order to download the app, user is required to change the regional settings to US. We are working with the Store team on publishing the app in other countries too, but are quite pleased the app finally made it after 2 months pending status.

  2. Can you please double-check? We tried on the Surface and could find the Mobile CRM app. Yet so far only works with the demo data but working on a fix.