Attend our Mobile CRM Training in November

Resco organizes a series of trainings for all our customers and partners, who are interested in getting a deep overview of the Mobile CRM solution. After a successful training organized in Europe last year, we decided to organize a US based event too. The reason is obvious—number of our partners and customers from North America more than tripled over the last 8 months.


Join us in Boston, MA on November 13th at 1 Cambridge Center to get a comprehensive knowledge on Resco Mobile CRM. The 1-day event is divided into two tracks: sales and technical. The sales track provides detailed information about pricing and licensing, partnership conditions and licensing for customers, as well as a success case presentation. The latter is a dive into Resco Mobile CRM technology. Both tools, Mobile CRM Woodford will be described in detail with real life examples of customization and an intro and overview of Studio will be covered too.



The European 2-day event is held in Bratislava, Slovakia on November 19th-20th at Austria Trend Hotel Bratislava. Bratislava training follows the same pattern as the Boston’s but is divided into 2 days. The second day focuses on Studio, its architecture and examples of customization.



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