Dashboards & Charts

Companies have usually millions upon millions of data to sift through. This data is so important for them that they spend lots of $ each year for consultants or purchasing data mining and graphing software to make use of it. By using graphs, they can more easily follow trends and make real-time decisions that will benefit their bottom line. A single chart has the ability to display a significant amount of information.

Employees using Resco Mobile CRM can view important charts through the Dashboard functionality everywhere they go. They can check the progress of the orders while waiting for the appointment. Or they can view the invoices while preparing for the presentation for instance.

With Woodford tool you can easily define a matrix consisting of views and charts over the local database (offline mode), or over the CRM server data (online mode).

This short video explains how to configure a Dashboard.

We think that smartphone screens are just too small for use with Dashboard. Please let us know if you don’t think so or you are missing some features there.

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